Random Solitary Thoughts

Saturday, June 30, 2001

A slow Sunday greets me as I climbed reluctantly out of my bed. The wind blowing outside the window brings news of rain. Rather late I might say, since it started pouring before I could actually complete my climb out of bed. Well, no matter. And here I am, wasting a good sleepy Sunday, sitting in front of the computer, writing this blog. Shucks... I need a life... or maybe more sleep. Darn, I'm bored. Maybe I could just bite my finger nails. That might pass the time... Or maybe I should go read that book I borrowed from the library... shows how bored I am doesn't it? Anyway, until next time...keep hitting that bag!

Of days long forgotten... more truth to it than when I first wrote it down... How much have we lost along the years? This week has been a mess of trying to recollect my thoughts of yesterdays... and sometimes, there are certain things that you'd rather stash away in a corner, hoping that you'd never have to remember it again... hoping that no one would dig it up after an eternity. But of course, such things aren't possible, and there are times when our memories may not bring in the best of times. Let's just hope that we could still move on, even after all the hell that we've been through... for there is always tomorrow, and tomorrow is another day...

Yeah yeah, I know, I woke up on a melancholy note... but hey, when you're down, you can only go up from there... [and here I thought that being optimistic helps... trust me, it doesn't...] sigh... so there goes another uninspiring day for me... I gotta get a life...

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Shucks... been doing my infamous disappearing act for the past few days... but just a quick note to keep things in check. First off, personals... Kotak, I'll buy you a box of tissues when I see you! You'll probably need them! Booya, NO!!! You may NOT drive me around... so don't even bother thinking about it...as for the lessons, I'm happy to hear that you're getting professional help...:)) The rest of the bloggers... I dunno what to say!
Okay, on to the crap... Been having a rough week so far... will probably be sailing in this weekend... weather seems okay this weekend, and the storm seemed to have passed. Showers expected on Monday, but then again, everything bad happens on a Monday...sheesh..:P Sunny days on Saturday and Sunday [I hope] and if my weather report isn't accurate, don't blame me! I'm not certified for this after all...bluergh...:P
Right, so I have to go now! [Yeah right, like who cares?:P] Maybe I'll blog a bit more after a couple of sad movies...:P Keep on Rollin!

Monday, June 25, 2001

Well, it has been some days since I last updated this blog... guess I've been too busy...:D Anyway, to make a long story short, I've been busy. Nuff said. Don't ask. Period. Looking forward to the weekend... shucks... a lot has happened this week... [this probably explains my sudden lack of consistency in updating this site] but I'll try to fill in the missing days when I have the time... Glad I missed Tomb Raider... thanks to Kotak's review... now I'm glad I didn't go watch it. Still, I wanna go watch it... so I can bitch about it and screw the @%#$^ who made the !^%&^# movie! I'll think of something...:D But for now, lemme just try to figure out what I wanna do this weekend... got some ideas running around here... I wonder...;) [smirk].

Saturday, June 23, 2001

Well, Saturday finally came and almost went... just finished watching two movies... phew! Good ones...now I'm highly inspired by rock and roll...:)) Twa a slow day today, and I still don't have enough crap to spew here, so I'll keep this simple. Dang... dunno what to say... shucks... nvm.. me gona go kick some bag in a while and hoping for a good dinner later. Hmmm.. I wonder, are my parents actually reading all this? I am so in need of saying things that they are not supposed to know about...but the nagging question of whether they are spying on me through this site is holding me back... nvm... I'll think of something..:D

Friday, June 22, 2001

Terribly bored... or maybe just tired... shucks... had a long night... need a bath, need a rest... swearing at the unbelievably slow internet connection here... [I could do better with a 1.44 modem... :P]. Ignore me... I'm just ... not myself right now...bluergh...:P

Thursday, June 21, 2001

With regards to Booya's message...[and for those of you who don't know where to read his blog, it's under my links on the left hand side of this blog (doh)] Yes, Booya, go get laid!!! As for the advertising... I wouldn't know bout that... try yahoo... it's faster, and more people uses it... :D Heck, this feels like a chat. One blog in reply to another... shucks... don't you think that a live chat would be more effective? Go figure [rolls eyes]...

I hate doing textures... nuff said! Now if only I have my camera... and a day off... hmmm... the possibilities are endless... Shucks... I can't even begin to think of what to write today... it's just one of those days...
Evenings have become shorter for me somehow... it's like I get back form work... and suddenly, it's already 12 and I know I should be sleeping by then... where have all the time flown to? Maybe I'm just getting older... heck, when you start talking to yourself, you're definitely getting older... sheesh... And not having a computer in the room is basically torturous!!! Makes one think how dependant we have become towards our machines... But at least I can catch up on reading... found a rather interesting library book yesterday... should keep me occupied for some time now...:D Now as soon as I can get the dust off and read the title...
Well... getting cold here.. and hungry... so I guess I'll be writing some other time... Good nite and good riddance...:)) [no offense people...:D]

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Morning has arrived... sigh... Feeling my usual pessimistic self today...[no questions there...] The morning crawls by slowly as usual... right from the start till 10.00 am... shucks... at least time is moving now. It was a slow start, and finding information on the net is not an easy thing. There's a lot of things which are hard to find online... except for certain 'things' which seem to pop-up ever so easily... :P Well, whatever goes... here's some personals for me blogger friends online... To Kotak, get plenty of rest and NO MILO!!! :)) To Booya, get laid... it might ease your aches...:)) To the rest whom I've not heard from for sometime, get ONLINE!!! :)) Oh ya, [almost forgot...heheh :P], to my family...:D [hope at least 'someone' is reading this...] take care! Be seeing you people soon...

Shucks.... took me longer than usual to actually log on and post me blog... shucks.. Anyway it's late now... and I've got some work to look into. So I'm gonna keep this short [and hopefully not too sarcastic...]. Read Booya's site... decided to say something about it... [the wushu thinghy anyway...] but suddenly I feel too tired to elaborate... No matter... chatting wiht him now, so I hope he could add whatever I say to his site... if not, sorry to those out there who want to know more...[not that there is anyone interested in martial arts...:P]. Talking bout martial arts, had a sparring session with a friend today. Felt good! I have not sparred for like... weeks? Maybe months... have I mellowed? Hope not... meow..? Moving on... bout the reviews thinghy... I think I'll cover 'Evolution'! 'Tomb Raider' might be a little too... er... 'distracting' for me....:D [hope I didn't piss anyone there...:P].
Okay, that's it from me for now... wrote a little more than I previously wanted... shucks.. smells of tuna sandwiches in me room... should I or shouldn't I? Nah.. getting fat....:P Till next we meet... BA WI GRA NA WI MINIBON!!! [taken from the Transformers Movie... WHAT?!?! You didn't see it??? Shucks...]

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

The end of the day is always the best part... especially today... it's gonna be a Counter Strike party for after work hours!!! It's gonna be a long night.. but who cares!?!?! Anyway, just finished my model... gonna touch up somemore when I get around to it.. for now... it's CS!!! Maybe I'll write a bit later... a whole lot later...;)

Now, it's past lunch time... and I'm still hyper from the morning..[okay, had a sleepy spell a while back, but that's done with... can't really do mouse clicking work right now.. my fingers are too active.. so me gonna write a bit before I mellow down to my 3d...:)) Had some pattaya for lunch just now.. they added one whole garlic in there... my mouth was biting and smelling of garlic the whole time.. luckily I still have my pack of chewing gum.. sheesh... Anyway... time to head back to work... maybe a little later...

Monday, June 18, 2001

Well well well... Mary fell into the well, or maybe it would sound better if I said... Mary had a little hell, with her mother who fell into a well, after applying some gel from hell knows where, and rang a bell with a little yell! Okay, forget about it... talk about not talking gibberish... guess I'm making up for the lost gibberish of last night...[or maybe it's just the coffee I had this morning...] Anyways, wanted to write sooner, but thanks to the overwhelmingly sloooooooooooow connection at the still unkept hostel blocks, on the still money-sucking university campus, I couldn't do much except to sit back and watch ants crawl by. [Woohoo!!! I'm back to me old pessimisic self...:D] Right, back to work for now... I may add a bit more later... maybe... now what's that sound coming from my gut again...?

Another manic Monday... just like the song suggests... I don't know what to write... so I guess I'll write some gibberish before I leave the office. But seeing the current situation, I don't even have gibberish to write this time... this is so unlike me... anyway I don't have anything to write now... so maybe I'll write some other time... Jaa.

Sunday, June 17, 2001

Well, today was a tiring day... shucks... I can't think! Period. I can't think...[which to some people is actually a good thing...:D Go figure...] Been having the ability to not be able to think for the past few days... something's clogging up my mind.. dunno what... but I think something is. Anwyay today was my roomie's birthday... along with two other friends.... so Happy Birthday to all three of them!!! You know who you are.. no names here... to protect your identity and to keep the anonymity of the net... [did I spell that right?] [think I did...] Anyway today was tiring...[did I mention that before?] and the only thing I wanna do now is to sleep! Well, time to go do my daily 'thinking' ... if I'm awake enough tomorrow.. I might just add another post... but we'll see...:)

Saturday, June 16, 2001

It was a dark and stormy night... okay, so it didn't rain... but it was dark..:P Anyway, had an interesting day today. Watched atlantis, and had a marathon car race around town, trying to get to places on time. It was almost hell, trying to navigate around town, driving around at high speeds, and escaping from near hits all day long. Ask my passengers... they can tell you all you need to know...:D All I can say is, I'm just a maniac on the road...[Oh crap!!! I just realized, my parents might be reading this... shucks...]
As for Atlantis, my comments are almost the same as Booya's, so just check out his site for a short review on the show. Overall, I liked it... so when's Tomb Raider coming out? I wanna check out Angelina Jolie's fake boobs...

Friday, June 15, 2001

Saturday morning, and guess what I'm doing? Washing the muddy car... sheesh... I gotta get a life! And oh ya, Booya, I would like to answer your question on dreams in black and white... but unfortunately, I don't have the mental capability to remember my dreams... although I do remember having them in color...[this contradicts my inability to remember dreams.. I just remember the colors... sheesh...] So as for now, I'll just stick to plain ol Black and White, [the game] if only I can remember where I put that freaking CD...
P.S. I gotta start charging for those driving lessons...:))

Well, guess what, it's finally the weekend. I guess my day didn't went that badly. Started out well... grew sleepy, then finished off with a nice mellow night of movie watching. Somehow, I don't feel ultimately like my usual pessimisstic self... must be the weather. Anyway, times a wasting, and I've got a movie to catch... Until next time, here's something to think about. "If it doesn't involve you, let it slide... if others don't have to be involved, then don't pull them in." -Nuff said-

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Dem... woke up with a cold.. shucks... now I'm GLAD I got the day off... hehhe anyway, I'm going off to go catch lunch with the girl of my dreams.... :D [hey, I can dream too right?]

Okay, I take that back. Turns out, I was really tired... and the chirpiness actually lasted for about an hour or so...:D Well, I'm taking the day off, gonna get me some rest....heheh! But that doesn't stop me from being happy, it is a nice day isn't it? I'll worry about work on Monday. For now, I just wanna sleep...

Good Morning people! And yes, I am in a chirpy mood today, [let's pray that I do not feel sleepy later on and spoil it...]. Anyway, there was a slight drizzle on my way to work, but that ain't gonna stop me from being happy! Today's a new day, and the beginning of a weekend. Yesterday may have been bad, but at least it ended good..:) All I want to say is, thanks to all my friends who helped make it better. You know who you are. You people are the best! :)

Another one bites the dust... nuff said.... "How was your day?" Don't ask. It has been pretty tiring for me so far, but as long as I can hack it, I will. Tomorrow is the last day, and the weekend is near. I realized that I made a big mistake today. I think. Do NOT think! Thinking is NOT good! The more you think, the more you realize how futile this existence is. So enjoy your life, don't think! Also know that there are some things in life worth living for. Cherish those reasons. They are the only reason for you to go on living. "Don't worry about the past, or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra question by chewing bubblegum!" -Taken from some song, I think it's something like, 'Wear sunscreen', or something... Think about your regrets, but know that regrets cannot change the past. Learn from them, it's never too late to start, and never too late to end it. Think about these words, but don't think too hard... I don't want you people to have bad days...:) So cheer up and whistle a tune... after all, tomorrow is another day! [Dem, I'm optimistic all of a sudden... shucks...]

P.S. A friend volunteered to count the number of 'shucks' in my posts.She got 16. So including this one, there should be around 17 right? Do correct me if I'm wrong. Wanna know how to contact me? tersaw39@yahoo.com Nuff said.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Shucks... today isn't turning out well at all. Slow, sleepy morning, Hitz FM blasting sappy boybands all morning. [plus some idiot singing along to them... eeewwww....] Finally getting somewhere with my work, though my mind's been distracted all morning. I don't know why, but I've been having pessimistic thoughts these few days...[okay, so I've been a pessimist all this while...] and it ain't helping the situation at work. Okay, gotta go back to work now... enough for now, keep mind in focus... dem, where's the force when you need it?

G' Morning! :D Well... not such a 'good' morning for me... or at least, it wasn't while I was awake. The best part of the morning [sleep] is gone, and now it's back to work. Been so sleepy the whole time, I just sorta 'woke' up for the second time today. It's gonna be a long slow day. Now, I'm cold and hungry and it's hardly even ten yet.... shucks... another two hours to go... be still, my growling stomach walls...

Shucks.. and I'm writing this while the page itself loads... that's how slow our network is. And who says that MMU has fast internet connection? Don't read the papers... it's all right here in binary code. And people wonder why there's so much hype about MMU. It's so obvious that it's the best place to practice swearing! Aiyak... getting tired now... I'll complain about MMU some other time... in the meantime, curse and swear all you can, and I'll see you people tomorrow.

Alrighty... my comp is slowing down, thanks to the heavy stuff my processor has to work on.. shucks... Anyway I'm glad this day is done. Things turned out better than I expected...:D Nuts, now I'm being optimistic... shucks... anyway gotta go wrap things up and head for warmer pastures [although it's practically outside the freaking door...]. Until next time...keep on rollin!

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Dem... they fixed the air-conditioning. I hate the cold. It's like Siberia here in Cyberjaya! Hey, that rhymes... that freaking rhymes...:D Did I mention that I hate the cold?

Right, another morning has come. A cup of coffee, two slices of bread with peanut butter, and my texturing still sucks. Shucks... realized I overwrited one of my files. Not getting good vibes today. Hope the day picks up later... sheesh...I've been awfully 'optimistic' lately aren't I?

Okay, I take that back. Looking at palm trees isn't exactly an interesting pastime. As for the not so sleepy situation... I take that back as well. Still sleepy as ever... I gotta stop staying up nights... shucks! But crap, as I must, I have seen the end of another tiring day. Ah, well... tomorrow's a new day... with better prospects, I hope...Let's just hope I don't go around burning palm trees during the next few days!

Monday, June 11, 2001

This morning was a rather chirpy one. Not too sleepy, and anticipating a good day ahead. Air-conditioning is fixed, I think. Doesn't feel like Siberia anymore.

Ack.... hot as hell... I wonder.. why do they even use the term 'hot as hell' anyway? Does it ever occur to anyone that hell might be cold? In fact, in the Buddhist dharma...[and I mean the REAL one...not some crappy el cheapo version some converted taoist cooked up..] it says that there IS a hell which is actually cold. Now that's something to ponder about. Now I wonder... is there a hell that gives you naked women to stare at till something bursts? [okay, sensitive issue here... kids... don't read this...] Shucks.. maybe I should remove this post. Well, whatever... just hope I don't get in trouble for it. This is meant to be a joke people.. so I hope you don't get offended reading this. Crap... I'm offending people with my words... maybe I should just clam up and go to sleep. Yeah, that's a good idea, and if I'm ever online tomorrow.... ah... nevermind. Oh ya, here's a quote before I go for tonight.
"Sometimes, things don't go the way we want them to. Screw them! We have tomorrow to worry about!" -Terry- 2001

Phew! Another day bites the dust, and things are still dusty around here...[shucks... who's gym socks are these? Oh wait... aren't these the ones I lost last week... heheh pardon me...:P] Today was like totally cool.. in a warm way... The freaking air-conditioning broke down at the office!!! But that isn't so bad after all. My supervisor sent us home early because of the malfunction! And who says nothing good ever comes out of something broken? Spent the whole evening training... alone!!! Shucks... what happened to all those people I used to beat up? But heck with it... I practically busted myself out! [I actually knocked myself out a couple of times... is that even possible?] Anyway, me stomach is growling like a mad dog...[dang, my english is getting screwed... I can't even put phrases correctly...] [see!?!?!see?!?!] Must have been all those hits to the head lately... If I'm still sane enough, I may just post again before I drop into hibernation.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

Sigh... and so the weekend passes by... too fast if you ask me. Today has been an interesting one... though it has been a tiring one, but it was worth it! :D Ack... I'm getting really sleepy here, and I've got to wake up early tomorrow for work. Shucks... this explains why there aren't any smart@$$ remarks here tonight, but don't worry... they'll be back soon enough... when I'm awake enough with coffee and all...[wait, don't I hate coffee?] Anyway, this has been a fun weekend, and I'm sad to see it go by... but then again... there's always NEXT weekend to look forward to... and sometimes, that's all that matters...:)

Saturday, June 09, 2001

Yowza!!! And the time is now past 1.00 a.m. in the morning. And guess what! I just finished my 3d head. Shucks... I don't have a life. Anyway I'm going off to sleep now... enough 3d for today... tomorrow, I have a whole day of 3d waiting for me, so I'd better enjoy the rest of my day before the torture starts again. Oh ya! To those of you at SmartGenie, you guys and gals are way cool!!! Thanks for inviting me over to hangout. And to the unnamed fella whose comp I used without permission.. thanks... you will know who you are soon enough. Now I'd better get going before my roomie's sushi gets rotten.

And it's now way into the night...it's a weekend night, I've been doing 3d all week long and sick of it. Guess what I'm doing now! Freaking 3d again!!! Dem.... one whole week of 3d.. and here I am on my day off, doing a 3d face... I should definitely shoot myself now! Ack.. must be really sick here.. Oh yeah..best part is... I'm doing this, NOT because I HAVE to, but because I WANT TO!!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!! I'm on my way to the looney bin right now!!! WHAHAHHAHA!!!

Ahha.... parasiting from a friend's computer in another company. I don't think he knows I'm using it, and I don't intend to tell him. Visiting some friends here at SmartGenie over at the incubator. Wow, these guys work late and I mean late! And better yet, they're working on a Saturday!!! I really respect the people here, and the environment is cool. Now if only... hmmm.... nevermind. I'm working on a story right now, but my file is on another computer [actually, it's my roomie's, and he's using it]. So I'll have to wait till he sleeps before I can continue. It has been a tiring day for me. Been up and about since I woke up. Maybe I should sleep early tonight.

Found out that I just finished my credit... again! Man, I gotta keep my expenses in check. At least I have a reason not to call home this week.... but I do need some cash.... ah.. decisions decisions... The world is full of them. Gotta seize the day! Enjoy the weekend before we start slaving again on Monday. Now let me see if I can get my hands on that computer before I sleep...

Friday, June 08, 2001

Finally, a Saturday![fortunately, I only work a five day week...] Sigh.... wasted another perfect morning by waking up at the wrong time... I gotta learn how to wake up late these days... been wasting many a good morning by waking up before the sun rises. Felt really compelled to write last night, but since my roomie is back, all I get to do is read a book. Shucks... can't wait till I get my PC back. Maybe I'll consider an upgrade... now when's my next paycheck....

Right, and finally.. I can go home...:D Well, maybe I'll add another post tonight... but that's a different story... until next time...

Okay... five minutes have passed.... [actually more than that.... but that's a different story]. I'm still stuck in the office but patience is something I have plenty of. So I shall battle the reality of having to stay back in this cold cold office.. shivering my brains out... pounding on the keyboard, and clicking on the mouse till the end of time. Anyway I've just received news that one of our friends is going to be on TV. And the unlucky fella [who will probably be caught with a bad hair day at the time of the shooting] is none other than Masam2 a.k.a. Firaya. For those who don't know his nick, well I apologize, but we have to keep his identity a secret over the net. Anyway it's still a rumor at the time I gathered this info, so if he doesn't appear on TV, please forgive me, and please forgive him for not having a face that's acceptable on air...:)) [Okay, he's gonna kil me when he reads this..] No offense people.. just a little joke from your extremely bored and cold host right here.. [shucks...] Anyway.. I'll give about another ten minutes before I post again... if I'm still around...:D

Well... another OT day for me... staying back in the office till the wee hours of the evening... This sure is fun! But hey, it's Friday, and it's the start of the weekend. And what a way to start it! [Ain't I the perfect little optimist here?] Shucks... well... I guess even though I may be stuck here, I still have something to look forward to... :D The day has been an interesting one... filled with a cozy morning [wasted it by going to work... shucks..], an interesting day of texturing stuff [I'm so sick of it! GAWD! Someone shoot me please...] and staying back for absolutely no reason at all... sheesh. Boy if anyone comes up to me and asks me, "How was your day?" I would put on my biggest smile and say, "It was absolutely fabulous I tell you". Following which, I would probably pound their heads in... Well, but then again, I have sworn off violence, [yes, people, believe it... duh...]so I shall probably spare the poor soul his/her life.... for now... ... ... ... That's it... another five mins... and if nothing happens... I'm adding another post...

Okay....I think I've finally gotten my time right... lemme check again...
Dem.. got it wrong again... let's see if this timeline is correct...

Haha!!! Finally got it right... it's W.Australia/China +8.00 GMT! Ho ho ho... I didn't know Malaysia shared the same time zone as China... crap... It's bad enough being a small country... now we're not even recognized in the timezone system... sheesh...

Woohoo!!! And it works... dang... how come it didn't work when I typed it in earlier? No matter.... must be the server having a certain dislike to my HTML skills... [bluergh...:P] Anyway with the help of the copy and paste option, I managed, [with the help of my fellow blogsters... you know who you are...:D] to set up the links to other blog sites...:D [Triple flips and forward kinematics... ouch... golek golek golek... bluergh... terjatuh pulak...]
Anyway, enough of that crap... on to more important things.... I shall be back... to try and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! Ho ho ho...:P

Thursday, June 07, 2001

MUAHAHHAHAHA!!! The last try worked... now to see if the full list works out.... keep your fingers crossed...

Right.... now it's time for me to try this out again... if this link fails again... you'll be hearing from me soon enough...

Okay, after one loooong night of HTML editing, and still nothing, I'm seriously gonna drop this fruitless endeavour for now. Even this morning, the HTML codes doesn't seem to work. I need some serious help here... *help*?

In the mean time, these are the links...[I know! I know! It's stoopid! But excuse me for being so clueless when it comes to homepaging... that's not my major remember?]

Until next frustrating attempt...

I dunno if this even works.. but it is rightly 1.24 am Malaysian time. [I still dunno how to fix the time zone thinghy.... will be working on it when the net's a bit faster...] Got work tomorrow and I still can't get things to work... so I'll think of something tomorrow. Right now... I just want to piss in my pants... sheesh...

Whahaha! And I'm finally online from my pathetic little internet connection at the campus. Thanks to the fact that one of my roomies [this incidently happens to be his computer btw] is not around ot hog it, I get to share it with my other roommate, who currently reading a horror story after killing tons of people in Counter Strike. I wonder when this CS fever will end.
Anyway, news from the frontier. I've finally discovered how to set up a permanent link, and guess what? It's a freaking HTML code!!! Shucks... maybe I'll just put my links on every post or something... I know, I know.. gonna be stoopid and tiring, but I guess it's the only way for illiterate computer and internet users like me...[ sulking in the corner like the incredible sulk...bluergh...:P] Okay, enough of this crap... I'm gonna start posting links on this site. Anyone who has a blogger and wants me to add a link please e-mail me at tersaw39@yahoo.com [and NO! This is NOT a link...:P].
Alright, here goes.... [only one link for this moment... shucks... but hey, it's a start right?]

First and only link... The EmptyBox's Site.
Until next time... keep the bloggers coming!

Now that I've got it, I wonder... how can I make it a permanent link? Shucks.... the office is closing now... I'll think of something later...

Right... so the first try screwed up... lemme see ... what went wrong? Hmmm... I know... let's try this out...

Okay, okay, so now here I am again... dem, I must be really bored... anyway, this is gonna be my first try at linking this site to another. Let's just hope this works. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hahaha! Patience is a virtue! Finally got my new title to post... either it's the server or just me... I think it's just me... I'm such an illiterate when it comes to PC's. Hehe, know what's fun? Modelling rocks... you people should try it sometime. It's so fun, I don't even bother playing solo chess anymore... shucks... Cheers to the wonders of the world... this is Kalamari, signing off till later...

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Right... this post is still not posted... what's wrong here? Or maybe I just forgot to select the publish button... yeah. maybe that's it... but where is it?

Okay, lemme see... now I tried to change the title, and it shows on the editor, but it ain't showing on the site... shucks... heck, my post isn't even there.... lemme see if this one works...

Woo hoo... it's evening now, and my 3d face is almost done... the only thing left is to add minor details here and there. Not bad for a day of 3d. Now I wonder, what should I name her? Any ideas people?
Everyday is a learning process... today I learned that I could change the stoopid title that I had for the past two days... it's a relief to see it go...[not that I miss it or anyhing] This new title doesn't make sense either, but at least it doesn't give a false sense of philosophical attribute to the site. Call it whatever you want, I'll just go sulk all night with my sketch book and my notepad. Been having this urge to write these past few days... dunno bout what, but I reckon it's probably crap when it comes out. [Wait, I just remembered, I don't have a notepad... dem... gotta buy one...]
Shucks... it's obvious to the poor souls visiting this site that I'm really bored here... coz it's not usual for me to crap so much in one sitting, so for your benefit, I think I shall sign off for now, and if boredom hits me one more time, [NOT Britney Lembing AGAIN!!!] I'll probably add another bunch of crap to this virtual diary of mine...[sure beats the heck out of wasting paper... paperless world.. here I come!!!]
Until next post...

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Okay, it's another day on this really sad site... or maybe it's just me. Anyway, today looks like a good day, [with the exception of my coffee overdose earlier] and I'm hoping to finish a 3d model by the end of the day. Weekend's only two more days away, and I can already feel the adrenalin building up... Well, maybe I'll add more to the site later... I wonder, is there anyway to include sketches or anything here? Anyone like to offer some advice? E-mail me at tersaw39@yahoo.com. Until next time.

Well, now it's nighttime, and still no one knows about this site.. sad ain't it? Gotta advertise it more... shucks... Finally learned how to run this page... it isn't so hard once you don't have a boss breathing down your back every second. Anyway, since I've discovered how this thing works, I'm gonna change the title after awhile... let's see... tomorrow, all I have to do is research...>:) We'll see... until next time, if anybody even bothers to access this site..:)) Jaa...

Monday, June 04, 2001

Shucks... I don't even know how to run this thing... I guess everyone can see by my title, that this is obviously a BIG mistake. Okay, okay, sounds heavy, but trust me, the title has nothing to do with this.. just a typo.. will change it when my boss ain't around.