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Sunday, February 26, 2012

When one is left behind...

It's morning. The morning light brings with it a sense of a new beginning. A new beginning for everyone. For me, for my family, my friends. Everyone.

But I didn't want it to begin this way...

I have had new beginning's before. More than I would like to remember, and this one like the others, pains me as well. Maybe more, since I am now able to fully comprehend the complex emotions that flood me.

At first I started out venturing into the big wide world. More for necessity than choice. You see, my mother left me. I don't know where she went and whatever siblings I had I don't remember what happened to them.

Lost and alone, someone picked me up. Salvation. I thought I was saved. But that feeling was only short-lived. Soon, I was to be sent away to another place.

I arrived safely and was cared for. It was a good feeling but deep inside, I knew this was not to be my permanent home. No, the greater powers above had other plans for me. Still I made friends, most unexpected of all with a dog named after the infamous hurricane which ravaged New Orleans.

True enough a family came and adopted me, giving me a place to stay. And for a while I thought I was home...

The time has come for me to go. My new foster parents are here for me. My family, is moving away to a land far away. It's better for me this way they said. Don't worry, I won't cry. I've done this many times before and I'm all grown up now.

You may see this as an end, but for me, it's a new beginning. So be happy for me, the way I'm happy for you. That you're moving on. I will too, in my own way.

I wish you a safe journey to the land for away. May you be well and happy. Farewell, and thanks for all the fish.

-The one who was left behind-


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