Random Solitary Thoughts

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


My home is in the early stages of being invaded by an army of cats. Obvious signs are listed below.

1) Feline paw marks on the bonnet of car.

2) Dead, half-eaten cicada on porch.

3) Fleeting glimpses of tabby leaping over gate.

4) Black kitten hovering near drain.

5) Mewing sounds at night.

6) Pregnant tabby viciously protective of young underneath car.

7) Refusal of tabby and kitten to leave house compound forever.

Yup, I'm expecting a stray litter of kittens to appear miraculously over the next few days. Anyone wants kittens, holler before I boot them out before they start crapping all over my garden.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Of numbers and things that go bump when you want to access the internet...

The last time I watched TV, (for those of you, who don't know me that well, I rarely watch TV) I noticed a catchy song by British band Keane being played as a jingle for a TM (formerly Telekom Malaysia) commercial. It shows a bunch of people holding cards with numbers on them. Then as it progresses, the cards are flipped to reveal the joys and lives of those who were holding them.

It was a rather nice ad, lying to the public about how they're caring for their customers more and how much we mean to them. One line even says "At TM, you're not just a number (or something like that)"

Indeed, if I am not JUST A number, then why the heck do they keep asking for my number every time I call to complain about their lack of professional service?

Beginning of the story. Last week, my area was hit by a thunderstorm. Internet went down. I called to TMnet customer service (owned by TM). Guy asks for my number. I gave number. Guy said they'll send someone over. I said ok.

Next day, I was still in the vicinity (but not at my doorstep) when the dude came to check and (potentially) fix the line. Dude never called to see if I was in before he came. Left a note saying to call another number for a new appointment. I found hte note late at night when I came home. Called number the next day.

Another dude answered the phone rudely. I told rude dude about my predicament. Rude dude asks for my number. I gave him number. Rude dude continues being rude and made me an appointment for saturday between 9-11am. I said okay. Rude dude puts down phone rudely.

Saturday morning. I woke up sacrificing sleep. Waited till 11am. No one came. Called number expecting someone other than rude dude to answer. Rude dude picks up the call. Says 'U tungular!' rudely. I double checked my appointment. He says it's there. Gave me another number to call. I call new number.

New number not helpful. Operator says it might be late because of many jobs to do. I said ok. I waited till 1pm. Called new number. No one there. Called rude dude. He's still rude. Gave me a mobile number and confirmed that the appointment is there. I call mobile number.

Techie answers. I tell him my predicament. He asks for my number. I gave him number. He says that there's no such appointment. I told him about making one through rude dude. He says he'll look into it and send someone over the next day. I said ok. As I'm putting down phone I hear him saying in background about how some people claim to have an appointment when they don't. I got pissed.

Next day techie came to fix my line. On time. And he wasn't rude. And he called to confirm that I will be home.

Now what the heck was that all about?!?