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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

No, it's not mine. Not even close. Not that I have any particular anniversary that is big enough to regard. Or even an official one.

I'm talking about my parents' anniversary. Well, it hasn't happened yet at the time of posting, but it's coming soon. Thing is, me and my sibs (siblings); we decided to do something for them this year. But let me start at the beginning.

The three of us have been working for some time now. And things have been moving lately. And my parents, well... they've been around through thick and thin, through tempers and lack thereof. They've given us unending support through our tough times, constantly reminding us of our responsibilities, but always there, sometimes nagging, but never forcing.

They've seen us through. They had faith in us. Still have faith in us. And their faith is what brought us here today. Their trust in us enables us to grow in our own way, to forge our own paths with minimal restraint, yet plenty of support.

They've never really berated us for our decisions, rather guided us through them. Even when I secretly bought that bike. But that's another story.

Anyway, someone came up with an idea to get something for them for Christmas or Chinese New Year, and I thought, why not surprise them when they least expect it? Give it to them as an anniversary gift! Because (check this out!) none of us really knew when they got married and had kids (that would be us btw) and if that never happened, we wouldn't be born and wouldn't be able to buy that nice flat-screen TV they're watching now, right?

Well, not quite true. If I remember correctly, it was sometime in the middle of this month. But my memory hasn't been too reliable lately. And my parents don't really celebrate it anyway; not as much as the other holidays and birthdays.

So if you're both reading this, and if you're both watching that new flat-screen TV which we got you (and which I haven't even seen myself) every other night, then know that we bought it for you, as a testament that you raised us the right way.

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad! May you enjoy your gift from all of us and may you always be well and happy!

P.S. May you also make sure my dog gets plenty of exercise. Thanks! :p


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