Random Solitary Thoughts

Monday, June 11, 2001

Phew! Another day bites the dust, and things are still dusty around here...[shucks... who's gym socks are these? Oh wait... aren't these the ones I lost last week... heheh pardon me...:P] Today was like totally cool.. in a warm way... The freaking air-conditioning broke down at the office!!! But that isn't so bad after all. My supervisor sent us home early because of the malfunction! And who says nothing good ever comes out of something broken? Spent the whole evening training... alone!!! Shucks... what happened to all those people I used to beat up? But heck with it... I practically busted myself out! [I actually knocked myself out a couple of times... is that even possible?] Anyway, me stomach is growling like a mad dog...[dang, my english is getting screwed... I can't even put phrases correctly...] [see!?!?!see?!?!] Must have been all those hits to the head lately... If I'm still sane enough, I may just post again before I drop into hibernation.


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