Random Solitary Thoughts

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Negligence with a purpose

Ironically ironic. With the time that I've created, (not acquired; for we are all given the same amount of time, but it is what we do with the ones that we have that makes a difference. We can make time, not merely use it) I spend it doing more work.

The past few days has seen me and a few other friends neglecting our friends and sometimes family for the sake of a common purpose. The completion of what promises to be a rather promising short movie project!

Yes, the past weekend has seen us taking a roadtrip to a location (sorry, this has got to be hush-hush till the movie is out) for a day shoot. The past week or so has been a kaleidoscope of meetings and discussions to finalise the script and other miscellaneous stuff.

It has brought back a team of friends who has not been actively making shorts (short movies) for the past five years since graduation.

Just a while ago, a few of us met up to review the rough cut. It definitely looks promising. I will not divulge too much information about it now, as it's still too early for that. Nor will I state the reasons behind this sudden outburst of a need to create something. Lets just leave it at that, for now.

But do watch this space for more updates as our deadline looms. This production will be coming to online streaming sites, and blogs soon. That I can promise you.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Drowning in a parody of life

Life is a joke. A big joke. A very big joke. Much like the writer of this blog.

You have days when things just breeze by with not much work and not a care in the world. And the very next day, you get a project so huge you shit stones thinking about it. Then there are times when you wonder what's going on with your life, and then someone comes along and tells you. And it makes sense.

Little surprises pop up unexpectedly, like the floods and the rain and the cute chick from the little office next door. Enough to make you cry and laugh as unexpectedly as they come.

There are days when you spend a while doing something, and find out it was all in vain, and times when it was worth the effort.

There are days when things turn out so well, you go home with a smile.

Today was one of those days.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random Solitary Thought

"When you finally have nothing left to lose, you realise that there was nothing to lose in the first place"


Nuff said. For today.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A post (almost) forgotten...

It is now almost 9pm on a rainy Thursday night in the middle of January, and I'm sitting here in front of my trusty old PC, typing out the remnants of last year on a post which I should have done almost entirely a month a ago if it was not for the ill-timed intervention of our local favourite, procastination.

...hear me weep...

So it is with such diligence that I am now seated here in my imaginarily partitioned cubicle at home writing about last year when everyone is done reading blogs about new years and past years. Maybe it's just my habit of wanting to wait for the traffic to pass.

And so, my untimely tribute to 2006! May you be remembered well.

Last year was a year like none other. To start things off, it began like almost any other year before it. It marked a lot of life-changing decisions for me, and for many of my friends as well. And it ended, surprisingly well, on a nice, sombre, but beautiful note in the major key.

Among the more memorable events that happened was the flooding of my new (new job, old office) office, and the subsequent uprooting of my papaya tree a couple of days after. That, and the fact that I finally (after years of hesitation and indecisiveness) bought a car!

Those who knew me personally (and whom I have troubled {unintentionally}), would know of the turbulent times when all my words were morbid representations of morbidity at it's morbid best. If there is even such a phrase. But through those times, I found friends that I have always took for granted. And I learned from them. And from my mistakes.

I quit my job for reasons known to few (hint: those mentioned above), and have thrived far better than I expected in my new one, tho I still have a long way to go. This is, has been, a good start.

I found spirituality, which I have somehow lost along the way, and I am grateful to the people who helped me find it again. Our paths may not always be the same, but I believe at the end of the road I'll see you all somehow.

I found family once more, and learned to appreciate who they are, who I am, and what I meant to them, and they to me.

I found friends. And I see them with eyes renewed.

I found my joy in writing, and a unique style to call my own. And friends whom I only know through words.

I found life, and reasons to move on.

I found myself. Once again.

It is now slightly over 9pm on a rainy Thursday night in the middle of January and I'm sitting here in front of my trusty old PC, remembering the remnants of last year on a post which I have just written. It was, has been, a good year.