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Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Woo hoo... it's evening now, and my 3d face is almost done... the only thing left is to add minor details here and there. Not bad for a day of 3d. Now I wonder, what should I name her? Any ideas people?
Everyday is a learning process... today I learned that I could change the stoopid title that I had for the past two days... it's a relief to see it go...[not that I miss it or anyhing] This new title doesn't make sense either, but at least it doesn't give a false sense of philosophical attribute to the site. Call it whatever you want, I'll just go sulk all night with my sketch book and my notepad. Been having this urge to write these past few days... dunno bout what, but I reckon it's probably crap when it comes out. [Wait, I just remembered, I don't have a notepad... dem... gotta buy one...]
Shucks... it's obvious to the poor souls visiting this site that I'm really bored here... coz it's not usual for me to crap so much in one sitting, so for your benefit, I think I shall sign off for now, and if boredom hits me one more time, [NOT Britney Lembing AGAIN!!!] I'll probably add another bunch of crap to this virtual diary of mine...[sure beats the heck out of wasting paper... paperless world.. here I come!!!]
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