Random Solitary Thoughts

Sunday, December 29, 2002

There, I have revamped a bit on my blog layout. I will probably be revamping the whole look sometime next year, when I have too much time to spare. Right now, I've got a few backlogged projects due before the end of the year. One of which, is the story of the Thing, which is yet to be completed. Rest assured, my target is to finish it by tomorrow night, so I will be working on it tonight and tomorrow morning. A link will be made to a page which I plan to construct for the sole purpose of hosting the long long story as I realise that it's tedious to read it all from my blog.

Now, onwards to the good news! I have only half a day's work tomorrow, in anticipation of the new year! Bad news, I'll have to work extra hard to get rid of my work for tomorrow so that I can enjoy new year's day lazing around! :D

Talking about new year's day, I have drawn out my resolution for the coming year, which I shall not repeat again as I've mentioned it before in a previous post. To sum it all up, I've basically decided to mellow down and leave the path of anger and violence to embrace one of peace and tranquility. Hence, from the 1st of January 2003, I shall promote the 'happy' Pokemon card game to all who are unfortunate enough to cross my path! No longer will I threaten to beat up people for pissing me off, (for I do not intend to get pissed easily) rather, I would resort to a calmer threat of letting the air out of their vehicles tyres. I shall not speak my mind too much, nor speak too much in words, for silence is golden, and ignorance is bliss. Shucks, there I go recapping my new year's resolution again... sigh... it's a vicious cycle...

So anyway, in case I can not find the time to blog tomorrow, Happy New Years Day!!! And may you all be well and happy! I know I will... ;)

Friday, December 27, 2002

Ahhh.. wanted to blog yesterday but work caught up with solitary life of the Multipurpose Man. Therefore, on and cool and lazy Saturday morning, Kalamari, his humble outer identity, decides to fill in his blog with stories from the land of good food... Penang Island! (Applause!)

But first off, I would like to thank Chucklingtong for the birthday e-card, and Dan for the thank you card! Thanks people!

It all started on a cold and hot Saturday morning. The night before had presented itself in a Free viewing of LOTR, in which I won a t-shirt by impersonating Gollum. So it wasn't a surprise that I did not have enough sleep. Still, after some last minute packing, I decided to push off to Kotak's house to pick her up for breakfast. After the hearty breakfast, we went to pick Dan up and soon the three of us were on our way to Penang!

The rest of the journey will not be related much here, as Dan has included the synopsis of our trip already. So I now skip the redundant details and warp into the moment when I stepped into the house.

Arriving in at my new home in Penang (my family just moved 7 months ago), I was greeted by my parents who were excited to meet Kotak again. After introducing Dan, we unloaded the bags and rested a while before heading out for dinner at a western place in Mount Eskine. I paid for the dinner, much to the surprise of my mother. Judging from her expression, she was happy, and I'm glad that after 22 years, I'm finally able to buy my family a meal with my own hard-earned cash. Oh yes... it was a touching moment for me...

That night, Aewis dropped by with some Kuih Talam (which I haven't tasted in years) and we sat and chatted till the wee hours of the morning. It was good reminiscing old times. Needless to say, we were tired and retired to bed with no difficulty.

The morning greeted us with fresh Prawn Noodles, a specialty in Penang, courtesy of my parents who, being good hosts, took the liberty of buying the Penang famous Prawn Noodles from the market early in the morning. My parents always make an effort to treat their guests well, and I'm proud of them in that sense. After the hearty breakfast, our itinerary was mapped out. A simple trip to the new mall in town (actually it isn't that new, but due to my absence in Penang, it seemed new) followed by a good Asam Laksa lunch and Penang famous Chendol. Was chatting with Dan all the way about Magic:The Gathering and Pokemon, the card game. This was the beginning of my conversion from Magic, to Pokemon.

Later that afternoon, I bought my first Pokemon starter deck, thanks to Dan's impressive presentation of the game, and the discounted price on the cards. A later trial game with my brother proved that Pokemon is indeed an interesting card game. After a fair amount of shopping, and walking, we finally headed home. Dan bought me a bottle of aftershave for my birthday, thanks Dan! No more cuts and pimples for me! Woo hoo!!!

Kotak's parents finally reached Penang later that evening, and plans for dinner were arranged. For some weird reason, no one really mentioned anything about having dinner together (my parents and Kotak's parents), but everyone assumed that we were having dinner together. So it came to be, that Kotak and me went to pick up her parents from the hotel and headed off towards the restaurant. The meeting was awkward, as both Kotak and my parents have not met before. But things began to calm down and everyone soon warmed up to the good food. My parents were in a good mood the whole night through. For what reasons? I can only hope to guess...

That night, I finally had the chance to talk to my parents. We had a nice chat and catch up with happenings. Finally decided to get a new car next year. Decided that I will be moving to Subang in a couple of months to take care of the place there. After a lengthy discussion about taxes and whatnot's with me parents, I went off to talk to my siblings. Of course I had to give endless advice to my sister and brother, and but the feeling of being reunited with my siblings was interesting. I felt that after I started working, things changed a lot back home. The things I talked to my parents about, the advice I give to my siblings. Is this what growing up means? I guess it's true that distance makes the heart grow fonder, for I feel that I've grown closer to my family since I've been living away from home. Sigh.... I'm definitely going home as often as work permits...

The next few days were basically more touring and food hunting and shopping. All in all, my trip to Penang this time, brings about memories and the feeling of togetherness as a family. My brother sacrificed a trip to Genting with his friends in order to spend time with us. I felt bad, not being able to spend more time with him, but I did promise him a trip to the cybercafe when I return home for Chinese New Year. My sister on the other hand, is still her usual self, tho a bit more matured than last I saw her. My brother has matured a lot... being the elder sibling in the family now that I'm not at home. Yes... it's good to be home...

Thursday, December 26, 2002

The past week has been a hell-hole of thoughts and self-evaluation. Even tho it was a weekend in Penang with family and friends, my mind kept wandering off to recent events from time to time. No doubt, my past few posts may seem to have clouds following them, and I hope to cast a drop of sunshine on them soon.

After much thought, I concluded to myself that this was not the first of my many self-evaluations. It always happens towards the end of the year, when I gather my thoughts, and see for myself if I had a good year or not. So to keep a long story short, I have come to the conclusion that I'm very likely to break a few friendships, thanks to this mouth of mine, and to a whole lot of misunderstandings. They you should always be yourself around people. That works if you have a great personality. I know that mine isn't exactly top-notch, so for the time being, people who do not know me will have to be content with me acting as if I have a personality.

So what does it take to be a friend? I have crossed the line many times, for I do not know what constitutes friendship. If any of you know, please enlighten me. Personally, I was at a point where I do not want to make any effort whatsoever and be a hermit until someone comes along to be my friend. But on the other hand, I did promise myself to be optimistic and open to others. So decisions decisions, and in the end it's optimism versus pessimism. Then, something happens which shakes my belief that not all people are bad, and then I began to change, and then, something else happens to shake my belief in friends, so I revert back again.

Then, I encountered people who have good friends and I think, hey, why can't I be like that? And so I try and try again. But nothing ever happens. It takes time, I know. Some people are willing to give you time. Others may not. I know some people want to change. I know some who do. But people will be people, and first impressions stay longest.

Now, I'm still confused, but choose to stand by those who are willing to stand by me. After all, life is too short to be spending time banging on walls which cannot move. Few are my friends, but friends they be. Now I am content. Onwards to brighter days...

P.S. On a lighter note, (pun intended), I bought myself a 'Light' pokemon deck in Penang. I shall now dedicate my free time to promoting the pokemon card game. Anyone game?

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Yesterday, I made the terrible mistake of making the wrong comment on Aimo's blog. And for that, I apologize. After thinking about it and regretting my actions, I have come to the conclusion that I have a very big mouth, or itchy fingers at that. So back to the topic at hand.

I realised, that yes, I have not treated her as a friend, and have often taken her patience for granted, to the extent of teasing her about sensitive matters, which shall not be mentioned her. I'm not trying to defend myself, or maybe I am, but I do admit that I was and still am, pretty much an @$$hole. And for that, I say I'm sorry.

And seeing that I've already come to terms with the fact that I am an @$$hole, I do try to change. And like all things that require change, I need time as well. Looks like I have to try harder now, as I have her gang of friends backing her up. No, I'm not trying to be funny or anything, but I do realise that I have angered, or pissed off quite a number of people with my unjustified comments. Yesh, Eisu, (sorry, can't find your blog link) I do realise that you are right. My comments on her blog were unjustified, but like all things ironic, I realized that only after I hit the 'post' button. For my ignorance and tendency to 'hit' before 'previewing' I say sorry.

It is none of my business to meddle in the affairs of others, and I'm not trying to become enemies or do so at my own convenience. I am merely a person who has a small brain, uncertain of what to say or do. I admit I have faults... plenty, and I'm a genius at pissing people off. Another comment after Eisu's by an anonymous friend also sparked some light into my shallow brain. To those who suffered from my shallowness, I'm sorry.

Yes, I do agree that people who agitate you are not worth your time. I am one with this philosophy, and to see it used against me is indeed hurtful. But the truth can't be denied and time and time again, one needs to be reminded that one still has many faults and a lot of work before one can be excepted. And seeing that I've fumbled in upholding this philosophy, I'm sorry.

So from all these, stem this blog. And what do I seek to achieve from this? I do not know. It is merely a place where I can place feelings which I can't describe verbally. I have hurt a friend, and all her friends, and made potential enemies with a lot of other people out there. But in truth, I do not want to make enemies, only friends. So have I tried too hard to be heard but only succeed in hurting? Only time can answer my questions...

So do you apologize? Yes I do. Do you explain yourself? I try to. Do you accept your faults? I chew them and spit them out. And what do you gain from all this? A lesson. What kind of lesson? To keep my freaking mouth shut, and my fingers near my heart! And what of the people you hurt? Only time can tell... only time can tell...

And for that... I'm sorry...

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

These past few weeks have taught me a lot! I have learned that, that which you hold in your hands, unlike m&m's will melt in your hands and slip away. Not that m&m's do not melt in hands, they do if you hold them long enough.

I have learned that the world operates on a different level than that which we grew up to believe in. Some of us are still growing up. Some of us chose not to. Some are not sure if they should. Even if we were to stay in this make-believe world where we grew up as a child, we can't be ignorant of the fact that we do grow older. The least we can do is live as our age, if we choose to not grow up.

I have learned that things lost are things gained, and sometimes it's better to let those m&m's melt away in our hands, than to put them into our mouth. I have learned that anger without purpose, are tantrums. Anger used to fuel your dreams is motivation.

I have learned, that by not sweaing, you tend to become less violent. I have learnt that mellowness comes with maturity, not age. I have learnt that critism is not always welcomed among the open-minded, and that those who are sensitive do miss out a lot of details. I have learnt that no one is perfect, and that no one will ever be.

But most of all, I have learnt that, boys will be boys. Do not ever expect them to produce good housework (or any for that matter). For unlike popular belief's, THAT is what seperate the boys from the men!

P.S. I know people are going to feel hurt when they read this, some might not even get it, but it is after all an online blog, freedom of speech, blah blah (read some other blogs with similar rantings) and I do not feel obliged to censor this particular post. Thank you! Critism is welcomed! ;)

Sunday, December 15, 2002

I am now blogging from the not so safe environment of my rented apartment. It is a Monday, but thanks to the fact that my company is located in an overly-rated part of the state, which somehow neighbours the country's new administration hub, but somehow is not listed as part of the federal territory, my company gets Monday off in accordance to the state public holiday!

Yea! Yea! Jumps for joy!

I haven't been updating this page for sometime now, as I am too busy with work and a whole lot of other things! I've updated the Thing story a few times since, and will be continuing to do so until the end of the year. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it before the year ends. Spent Saturday night out with Kotak, and a few friends as well. Ironically, the question of the Thing came up and so I began to tell the tale which I was trying to write all this while. Twas a good night, and I had some insight on lingerie fashion thanks to a girl who sat at the table behind us. The girls were pretty excited about it and so I decided to take a peek. She was wearing what appears to be a thong that was clearly visible thanks to her hipster jeans. I definitely haven't been clubbing enough.

As the weekend passes by, I'm learning s-l-o-w-l-y how to touch-type the correct way with all ten fingers, and not four. It's painstaking as my typing speed is greatly reduced thanks to the fact that I have to use my other six fingers to type. And I'm still looking at the keyboard!!! Sigh... nothing is ever easy...

On a good note, and as a precaution in case I don't update this for another two weeks, I shall be heading back to my hometown this coming weekend! I really miss my home, and the good food that comes with it!

Things that I'm plannin to accomplish in the near future:-
1) Revamping ,my cobwebbed website. (no wonder it's called a "web"site. Backbone is done, preparing graphics)
2) Touch-typing the correct way. (It's taking me three times as long to finish typing this)
3) Colouring and drawing more stuff for my website. (Thanks to my new optical mouse, doing cg is such a bliss!)
4) Locate guitar teacher. (for obvious reasons)
5) Take formal martial arts lessons. (Running out tricks to practice)
6) Shoot and produce a short film. (anyone interested?)

Till the next blog, see you somewhen!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Back to work after a long four-day weekend which was long awaited and greatly appreciated. The four days was spent recuperating from a bout of illness the week before. Now it's time to work.

I have updated the Fellowship of the Thing below and will continue with the rest of it soon.

Things that happened over the weekend:-
1) Spent some savings buying a present for someone for no particular reason.
2) Got myself a new phone line (registered, so I won't be barred unless I don't pay my bills on time)
3) Got myself a mosquito repellent thinghy (the one you place the mat on) so that I don't have to scratch myself to sleep.
4) Slept and ate.
5) Played Diablo 2 for the heck of trying out new strategies and characters.
6) Cursed computer for crashing in the middle of crucial moments of levelling.
7) Attended a job interview.
8) Was offered a job.
9) Contemplating possible career advancements plus increments, perks, job stability, and long-distance driving.

Yes, it was a good weekend! Cheers to the next one! ;)

P.S. Changed my number, will be e-mailing it to those who leave their e-mails in my comment box. The rest will have to wait until I manually copy the numbers to my phone.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

As I've said in my earlier post, I was caught up with work and have no time to update this space. This is just part of it actually.

I've actually been starving myself recently, as I've run out of funds following a RM100 fine on illegal parking in a park! Which, (the park) was actually about 50 metres away, and I was ACTUALLY parked in front of a house! Maybe they should stop hiring blind folk as MPPJ officers.

Aside from the starving two weeks, I've now recovered with last month's salary, which came on time. Glory be! And to counter any future threats of impending doom via hunger, I have drawn myself a meal schedule, stating what I should eat to satisfy my hunger and keep costs low. Therefore, the result is a homemade lunch and a cheap dinner in the neighbouring area. No more instant noodles, not too fond of them!

Part of my lunch making regime was making sandwiches. The other was a liquid diet of water or soya bean milk. After surviving one and a half weeks on peanuts butter sandwiches for lunch, I decided to get even and make some egg sandwiches. Now those of you who've had experience making your own sandwiches would know that you have to boil the eggs first before mashing them up and spreading them all over the bread with mayo or something similar.

This seemed simple enough, so I busied myself boiling the water and putting the eggs into a container (one of those half-boiled egg making thingies). Now everyone knows that once the water is drained, the eggs should be half-boiled. So to get a hard-boiled egg, you let it drain twice, right? I decided to do it three times... just in case... and did it work? NO!

I craked the first egg to find it 3/4 boiled. I had three more eggs left, so I decided to re-boil them to make sure they become hard. This time, I decided to place them in a non-drainable container. Meanwhile, I enjoyed a 3/4 boiled egg. After a round of boiling, I stilll wasn't ready to take chances, so I boiled them again. You could say I was being cautious, and did it pay off? NO!

I cracked the first egg to find it 4/5 boiled. What the... ?!?!?!? Deciding that it was getting late and that I was gettign sleepy, I proceeded in breaking the rest of them. Peeling the shells out was tedious as they weren't hard enough to peel easily, but not soft enough for the egg to slip out! URGH! The result, was a very lumpy egg filling for my sandwiches, which I had dutifully skipped because the uncle had nasi lemak today. Will eat lumpy egg sandwiches for dinner.

The lesson, eggs have to be boiled the tradional way, with a pot and boiling water with fire underneath. Now when are they going to install the gas for the kitchen?

Yesh... corny as it may seem, I am Bach!!!

Sorry for the absence. My being busy and overworked is to be blamed. But updates shall come soon. As for the post below, the final bits are being put together and shall be completed before next year! :D