Random Solitary Thoughts

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Circus is in town

My name is Cirque. French for circus. The pack mother decided to name me that after seeing me run around in circles. I have since stopped all circling activities, but the name stuck. It is not easy to change the minds of others once the first impression has been made. I have learned my lesson.

In a way I am lucky. The pack leader has considered naming me 'Spraycan' or 'Idiot'. Sometimes he still calls me SMD (Stupid Male Dog). Usually when I pull and tug the leash or pee in the wrong place. I know he doesn't like it, but it's my instinct to mark my territory, okay? Even you two legged things do that. I've seen many of them spitting all over the place. If that's not territory marking, I dunno what it is. And you humans say we're dirty. Sheeesh.

Anyway today, I was sent to live with another family. The pack leader mumbled something bout a few days, but I dunno if I'm being abandoned (again) for bad behaviour or something. Don't think so tho. He seemed reluctant to leave me behind. Said something bout some other SMD going over to his place or something. Afraid I'll fight. Afraid I'll fight and lose. Heh, BRING IT ON!!! I'll fight till the DEAAAAATH.....

It is my nature to fight. I dunno why but it just is. Maybe if I turn vegetarian I'll stop. Hahaha, good joke...

Anyway I'm stuck with this new family, and there's this other pack leader. He commands respect, and so I give it. There seems to be a second in command, but he's no threat. I can chew him up anytime.

And then there's this nymphomanic bitch. I mean this bitch just jumps up and down like the energizer bunny. Like what gives? That's not a dog. That's a furry thing on speed (a slang word for a type of drug: for those who don't know). It's embarassing to be around that thing. And my pack leader keeps shoving my face into her arse. Like I'm gonna smell THAT!

Yeahsure I know us dogs smell each others arses to get a wift (get it? heh) of each other's scent, but this jumping furry jelly bean? No dog-shittin way! It's like she hasn't seen the male of the species all her life! She'd better not hump me or I'm gonna get sooooo pissed.

Anyway I got chucked over there and left behind by my pack leader. Whatever the reason, I'll sort it out with him if he comes back. The last one didn't. Left me for dead in a stupid run-down playground. There I found some friends. And then their pack mother adopted me. Then she introduced me to the pack leader. Well, more like he came around and I immediately knew. All pack leaders command respect. And I gave it. And he took me in and took care of me.

So back to the nympho bitch and my issue with being left behind. It's like how you human things operate. You get other human things to do the work for you, or live with you or something. And then when you don't need them anymore, like you can't pay them or you don't love them or something, you leave them behind. Like you leave us behind.

Anything that inconvenieces you, you leave behind. You get rid of it. You get rid of employees, workers, relationships, pets, families... It's like you people can't even live with your own shit. Always looking for some escape-ism.. did I spell that right? Escapism. Can't handle your shit. Leave it behind. And you call yourselves responsible beings? My padded foot.

Always biting off more than you can chew. Even dogs like us don't bite off too much at one time. Well, some of us do. But most don't. Most of us know our limits. Like I won't go provoke a bigger dog than myself. That's just suicidal. I know one dog who does... the idiot always picks a fight and loses. Truly an SMD.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that you human things always disregard us dogs and cats. Always taking us for granted. Buying us from pet stores and then chucking us aside once we become 'inconvenient' for you. Selfish. Only thinking of yourselves.

Pack leader says he'll come get me in a few days time. I believe him. There is something in his eyes. Truth. I will wait for him. Out of respect I will tolerate this crazy jumping bitch. Pack leader always says I need to be patient. Maybe this is a test.

I'll pray... for patience.