Random Solitary Thoughts

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Been silent for a while now... too busy relaxing and sleeping... lots of it... hehhe...

Played football with me bro the other day... been awhile since I did any sport... got caught in the rain on the way back... soaked to the skin... rain never felt better... had a warm shower... something I didn't quite had for four years... Life is good...

Watched Scorpion King a while ago... sucked! Nuff said! Quite a comedy in a stupid sort of way.. you just had to laugh at the level of corniness these people go to... but I guess nothing compares to the bomb of movies released this year... crossroads... no, I haven't seen it, but I can tell that it's the best thing that ever happened to the devolution of movie history. A blashemy to the art of movie making and screenplay writing, this one takes it all by defying the all time rule of movie makers all round the world... NO BRITNEY SPEARS!!! Anyway, with that little piece of commercial angst thrown aside, let me now sit back and think about all the mischief I can come up within the next two weeks... life is good...

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Wow... it's been awhile since I managed to secure an internet connection. Back in my hometown... opposite the beach... life is nice... Will be taking time off restocking the thinking cap... and catching up on loss sleep... Sorry for the long lack of posts... now I have two pc's on my desk... and a nice warm bed without the bed bugs... moving out of campus is the smartest thing I have ever done... :)

Monday, April 08, 2002

Testing out my comments script again. I removed it before when I changed my template, so I hope this one works.

Monday, April 01, 2002

Water woes!!! No water again. I'm beginning to like this place. Tap ran dry on me twice so far. While I was still soapy. Had to run over to the toilets at the other end of the hall. Tap ran dry on me twice today. Once was when I was still soapy. The other time, I was lucky. The frenzied screams coming from two of the only available stalls with water told me that they weren't the only stalls left with water. I think I shall start training for the 4x4 Ford Extreme challenge by HITZ fm... when's the next contest starting?

Convocation went on at our Uni over the weekend. It was a time for our seniors to return to campus after a year of wandering the country without jobs because they haven't received their degrees yet. It was a time of joy as many of the visitors were from East Malaysia. They are still in the recovery wards in the general hospital. Many flocked to the Multipurpose Hall, named for it's ability to host multiple events although the only ones that were held there were failures. Many stood up to catch a glimpse of the fresh graduates at their most shining hour, and also because there weren't enough chairs. Even more fainted at the convocation, probably from awe and happiness. So much so, no one took notice of the lack of oxygen in the hall. The car parks were jammed with cars of all colours and positions, creating a kaleidoscope of chaotic artistry.

The ceremony itself was something to see. Two seperate stages were erected so that the ceremony could proceed twice as fast with the ceremony running on both stages simultaneously. A smart move by the management of course. An even smarter move astounded the thousands of visitors who stood by and fainted. To keep things short and simple, the names of the graduates weren't even announced to avoid confusion on the two stages. And the conclusion to all this, was that a two session convocation was cramped into one by the efficiency and managerial skills of the management team. Of course, people did faint from the lack of space and oxygen, but at least no one died.

All in all, the convocation was a success. The lack of parking places was somehow remedied by the security department, and there was enough water to go around. The water cut in the guys hostel block is being investigated, not ruling out foul play. A truly beautiful event to date, and I regret not being there personally, for I had unimportant things to attend to, such as studying for an exam tomorrow and visiting my girlfriend. I hope when I return unemployed to this place next year for my convocation, I shall be able to witness an event so spectacular, it will knock my socks out. And as always, I hope no one will be hurt... or die in the event.

Anyways, I shall be signing out for now. This is the Squid, signing off from the land where nothing ever grows... [including our intellect]. Till next time!