Random Solitary Thoughts

Friday, May 31, 2002

I'm still not able to blog at a regular basis. The lack of a proper internet connection is proof of that. The school holidays are almost over, and soon, I will have to go back to teaching. Unfortunately, the world cup season has begun, seeing the fall of France to Senegal last night. And unfortunately, I will be teaching the afternoon session, which means I will inevitably miss the live matches. Reading others blogs, I have come to realise that my life is becoming duller day by day. In an effort to re-live my life, I went for a short workout yesterday, much to my pain and agony.

A short punching session, some back bending and a jog was all it takes to sap the strength out of me. I came across a group of boys playing basketball nearby, and one of them seemed to be paying more attention to three girls who were there. And another group of boys playing football a ways away. I miss the old days when we used to grab our balls [no pun intended] and rush off to the nearest field. Anyone wanna re-live that moment anytime soon? Fridays? Basketball? Football? Or just some plain old sparring?

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Yes, I have not been online for a long time. Yes, I have not updated my blog in a long time. Yes, unfortunately I am still alive. And yes, I am still unemployed... Anyone out there has vacancy for an animator of sorts? Will work for coffee!!!

Been doing some writing and 3d modelling on the side. Working with a friend on a DV short. Thinking of doing one myself... probably after I get a job... and money... money's always important. Teaching can be fun. I wouldn't mind teaching. I just hope I get to teach people who understand english, so I wouldn't have to suffer through my limited vocabulary of malay words to explain what I just said. I have so many thoughts, I dunno how to number them. So I won't.

I just ran out of thoughts, so I will end this now. Crude...

Sunday, May 26, 2002

I am now not enjoying being unemployed... The need for cash consumes me... the need for a permanent internet connection consumes me... the need for a job and a place of my own consumes me... I need a life...

I am now a temporary teacher at a Secondary school in PJ. I teach art and english. I am also the only qualified teacher in the afternoon session [yesh, I teach the afternoon session BOYS... dem...] to teach art. I received a glass perfumed rose from one of my students for Teachers' Day. Yesh, it's a boys school... and NO, I'm NOT gay... I look forward to the holidays as it gives me time to hunt down another job... hopefully one that involves teaching at a GIRLS school... XP [wonder what my girlfriend will think...XP]

Thursday, May 02, 2002

I'm beginning to enjoy being unemployed... Seeing everyone getting interviews and applying for jobs is starting to get to me... maybe I need a vacation...