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Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Random Solitary Thought...

It is a rare occasion when I can sit down in front of my trusty laptop and have absolutely nothing urgent to attend to.

And thus, it is so on a quiet (well, not quite, considering it is still Chinese New Year and my neighbours are still shooting fireworks in the sky...) Saturday night. The dogs have had their walk and are tucked into the porch and crate where they sleep, the water is on the boil for some nice herbal tea and I have a couple of minutes before the water boils to finish this entry.

So it boils down (no directionally intentional pun intended) to how often I find the time to update this intriguing piece of cyberspace. No doubt my posts have been sporadic at best, and my recent meetings with old friends have yielded the question of when was the last time I wrote. Ironically, these same people haven't been reading my blog for the past year. Or more.

This blog originally served as a platform to update friends of the mundane and sometimes less than mundane happenings of my life. However as one friend puts it, Facebook does that efficiently these days. So is it still necessary to update this space?

I believe so. For this blog also serves as a channel to express my unresolved thoughts and opinions, most of which (especially to those who know me) are not fit to publish on a site such as Facebook for fear of many repercussions, be it towards co-workers, friends and even family.

But lately, most of my blog-able thoughts have been resolved before they make it to the binary fields of the internet, causing much silence in this blog in need of dire attention.

So it has come to be that I shall henceforth express my resolved thoughts and opinions on this space, at least as a creative means to practise my writing. The occasional story may follow, as and when the bug bites.

And I guess, as I manage to find these little pockets of time, so shall Multipurpose Man arise, as will the alter-egos of my pets, past and present; and many more.

Good night everyone, and have a good weekend ahead.


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