Random Solitary Thoughts

Monday, April 28, 2003

It's a Monday night. Actually, Tuesday morning, 2.00 am. and I'm still awake updating my blog. Capoeira was persumed cancelled thanks to a freak storm which hit most of the Klang Valley earlier, while still miraculously maintaining the level of humidity.

And as the story goes, my brother has finally arrived and is preparing to start a whole new life of suffering, durian-polishing, shoe-kissing and girl chasing activities at a local college located very darn far from where I'm currently residing. Which is why (and probably for the best) he has decided (with the help of my 'persuassive' parents) to stayat the hostel in campus, which will inevitably result in more suffering, durian-polishing, shoe-kissing and girl chasing activities...

And that is why I ended up (after much 'persuassion' from my parents.. i.e. "Can you take leave and take your brother to campus?" says parent. "But I have work to do" says I. "Very good. Thanks. Call us after he has settled into his room" says parent.) taking a day off to ferry him a the ungodly hour of 9.00 am to his campus so that he can get a 'good' room. As if hostel rooms were any good to begin with! Bluergh!

On the bright side (there always seems to be a bright side to everything these days don't they?), he helped with the household chores (after some persuassion from me) which I shall not elaborate on, following the reaction I received from my previous post. And seeing that it's late at night and I'm sleepy, risk's are best avoided!

So to bed I go and to a day off tomorrow. To stagnant traffic and mindless people working for mindless reasons. Here's a thought. If traffic remains static long enough in KL, they might actually start fogging in between traffic lights to prevent dengue!!! Don't you just love the traffic? ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2003

I stood in the corner, eyeing the table as I watch the filamen heating up. A water spray in one hand, I took a glance around, trying to remember what comes next. The light disappears, indicating that the filamen is nice and hot! Yes, let it be known... that I do my own ironing!

Housework has pretty much become a norm for me since I begun staying on my own (and by that I do not include the luxurious hostel life I lead during my Uni years, nor the brief stay at my aunt's place when I started my first job). Now that I'm living at my own place, it's become more of my responsibility to keep the place clean and tidy, seeing that there's only two of us here.

Plus, with no washing machine, I can't delay my washing until the very last minute! Not to mention the fact that my current company requires us to wear office wear, (even for designers) and that means there's ironing to be done. Nevermind the fact that I have approximately 7 shirts which I have to juggle every week! And that means laundry has to be done very often. Simple task, no? Yes, if you happen to have a washing machine (which I don't have) and by chance happened to come home all fresh and enthusiastic about doing housework, (which I don't)! Plus, I now go for regular workouts, which means even more laundry has to be done!

On the bright side, I have a connected bathroom all to myself, a big bedroom, and plenty of space to do as I please! Oh ya, not to forget the two cuddly rabbits, courtesy of my housemate, Dan.

So it has been that on nights like these, when I get to come home early from work, and have no classes to attend, that I could finally sit down and do proper housework! Boy, I can't wait to see what life with kids around would be like! In the meantime, I'll start shopping around for a nice washing machine!

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Wednesday wednesday! Just had a late night bath after a bout of capoeira earlier. Writing a few little lines before I hit the sack! Been caught up with work and all lately, and haven't been able to find the time to really sit down and rest! Hopefully, I haven't lost my sense of humour yet, and things at the office are picking up! Shucks, suddenly I'm in a deadlock about what to write!!! This is very uncommon for me! Maybe my mind's just saturated from the capo session earlier! Btw, I'm planning to teach some physical activity thinghy near my place but I'm not quite sure what to teach! Anybody out there has suggestions?

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Tuesday comes and goes as soon as I sat down to type this little piece of text on some remote server somewhere in this SARS dominated world! Yes... I lead a sad existence!

Onwards to more meaningful things in life! Reasons for being absent!

1) Moved to new job! (wahey!!!)
2) Found out new job doesn't have internet connections! (what a drag!!!)
3) Moved to new house! (finally, a pad to call my own!)
4) Discovered odd working hours (we work on Saturdays) are not giving me time to apply for a phone line!
5) Finally got a telephone line with internet account.
6) Internal modem refuses to work! (what do you expect from a RM 10 product?)
7) Quick change of PCI slots solved problem of errant modem.
8) After being able to connect, experienced connection mood swings! (sometimes, I can't access blogger.com or blogspot.com sites)

Ahhh... now that I've backlogged a bit, it's time to update on the present. If only time permitted. Here I am lacking of sleep with an ulcer at the back of my throat (nothing tortures me more than the inability to enjoy food), and it's already past 12 midnight. Not a problem for me in the past, but after the recent accident 'scare' and the 'speeding ticket' scandal, I've decided to become a model citizen! At least momentarily or until the mood wears off, whichever comes first!

Anyhow, it's good to be able to blog again. Missed you guys! Till the next post, may you be well and happy! ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2003

It's been so long since I last updated my blog, and seeing so many of you still paying an occasional visit really touches me! (sheds tears of joy) Now a quick recap before I hit the sack!

Went back to Penang for the weekend. Tried to meet up with Aewis but time didn't allow it. Had a good birthday lunch for my Dad, (I paid the bill) then went straight back to KL. Tiring journey as it is, I shall end this as quickly as I can and get some well deserved rest. Perhaps I shall blog more when time permits. There's a lot I need to fill in thanks to my absence on the web.

And before I forget, something amusing happened on my way back. There was an accident. (Not me this time.... XP) ( And no, no one was hurt... don't want you people thinking I'm a saddist for finding accidents amusing!) A lorry carrying a load of ducks overturned on the highway. The result? One squashed up lorry, cages of ducks lying all over the places, and some renegade ducks waddling all over the north-south highway! Truly a sight to behold!

Oh, before I forget, I got a speeding ticket for, (obviously...) speeding! This is definitely NOT my month! XP

Till next we blog again! :)