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Friday, June 08, 2001

Okay... five minutes have passed.... [actually more than that.... but that's a different story]. I'm still stuck in the office but patience is something I have plenty of. So I shall battle the reality of having to stay back in this cold cold office.. shivering my brains out... pounding on the keyboard, and clicking on the mouse till the end of time. Anyway I've just received news that one of our friends is going to be on TV. And the unlucky fella [who will probably be caught with a bad hair day at the time of the shooting] is none other than Masam2 a.k.a. Firaya. For those who don't know his nick, well I apologize, but we have to keep his identity a secret over the net. Anyway it's still a rumor at the time I gathered this info, so if he doesn't appear on TV, please forgive me, and please forgive him for not having a face that's acceptable on air...:)) [Okay, he's gonna kil me when he reads this..] No offense people.. just a little joke from your extremely bored and cold host right here.. [shucks...] Anyway.. I'll give about another ten minutes before I post again... if I'm still around...:D


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