Random Solitary Thoughts

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Of Days Gone By and Days Left to Come...

The soft DIY orange light flooded the room to a degree of sufficiently but not overly unnecessary light. There, on a somewhat recently tidied (notice the term 'cleaned' is not being geneously used here) desk, mild-mannered Kalamari sat, typing out his blog entry while swatting renegade dust particles which seem to tirelessly make him itch and sneeze.

It have been some months, two perhaps, or close to, since he has last had a decent amount of time to spend with the rest of his keyboard (this having being the fact that he has grown a bit too accustomed to the keys 'a','s','d', and 'w' for reasons only a select few might understand).

This (the lack of a proper update, or any for that matter) he attributed to the massive amount of work and extra-curricular activites he partakes in, plus a lot of house-keeping duties as well. But work has been kinder of late and busy as he is, Kalamari is definitely a much happier person.

Life at the new company is definitely picking up as he slowly settles into routine. Nothing too routine as one might expect from previous encounters, but routine enough not to spring unnecessary surpises with yet a tinge of spontanaelity to it.

This of course goes well with the colourful people he meets on the LRT on a daily basis, as well as the colourful people he sees in the vicinity of the office. Something rarely seen in the old place. All this of course makes it a much more exciting venture to the dreaded disease we all call 'work'.

As he sat pondering on what else to write, he absent-mindedly plans for the weekend. Yes... weekends are no longer an illusion achieveable only by the necessary means of the 2 minute nap with your eyes wide open while staring at the screen and feigning interest in the babbling lunatic beside you while clicking on the mouse and trying to keep track of Instant Messages while making sure your boss doesn't catch you napping in the office.

Ah yes... the weekend... there's just so much to do...

And as the last sounds of typing fade into the night, the fingers of his right hand slowly shifts to the keys 'a','s','d', and 'w', and everything is alright...