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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Adventures of Pete and Pikay

Pete grew up in a nondescript part of town in a small house enough for his family of three which consists of him, his construction worker father and his mother who is unemployed and does housewifely duties.

His only companion therefore, is a little chicken which he lovingly calls Pikay. Little Pete is fond of daydreaming, something he became increasingly good at since he is devoid of the usual amenities which children his age are subjected to. Little electronic necessities like the PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, iPads and many more. Things his rather poor family couldn't afford.

So Pete spends his days playing with Pikay, imagining the great adventures they would encounter together. 'One day Pikay, we're gonna be heroes!' he always tells his yellow feathered friend.

This story is about one of their adventures. The day started with no particular event worth mentioning. Then just after lunch, Pete was summoned to the kitchen by his mother. 'Pete, I need you to do something for me!' she yelled in her usual commanding voice. And in his imaginative mind, he begins to wander...

'Behold Pikay! The Queen has summoned us for an adventure!' Sir Pete told Pikay upon his return from the castle. His feathered mount stood as tall as its master. Pikay was the size of an ostrich. He vaguely resembles one of the Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series, a talk yellow ostrich-like creature which heroes would mount as their preferred mode of transportation. Pikay clucked in response.

'Ho! I bet you're just waiting to find out what adventure awaits us!' he continued. The huge bird nodded eagerly. 'We have to seek out the Galus Domestica! A fearsome creature that has been terrorizing the nearby villages! If we succeed, and I've no doubt we will, we will be greatly rewarded!' Pikay looked on attentively. 'We shall slay the beast and bring its carcass back to the Queen! And then the townspeople will feast on its meat tonight!' Pikay nodded his approval and the adventurers headed off into the horizon!

Soon they arrived at the place where the Galus was last seen. 'It's got to be here somewhere... stay with me Pikay' Sir Pete whispered. 'Pikay? Pikay, where are...' he turned around, but Pikay was nowhere to be seen. 'Ah well, it's better this way. He might just get in the way when the fighting starts...' Pete tried to convince himself. He was puzzled as to why his companion had disappeared.

Suddenly, a slight rustling behind alerted him to possible danger. Pete turned around just in time to see a monstrous creature loom over him. With his lightning quick reflexes he dodged the talons of the beast and rolled away to safety. Getting up, he turned towards his adversary, sword in hand.

The creature stood tall, with a majestic wing span, its feathers unfurled in rage! Its feet are armed with talons sharp enough to cut through steel. 'My armor won't protect me this time...' Pete thought to himself. Its beak was long and sharp, enough to impale a full-grown man with its strike. On the creature's head lies a thorny crest, a testament to the beast's rank as one of the deadliest creatures to walk this earth.

Pete's hands began to sweat. The creature dug its talons into the ground ready to charge. Pete gripped his sword with both hands. He would have to kill the creature with one strike. He has only one chance. It's him or the bird.

With a piercing scream the Galus charged towards Pete. He could only stand still as the gigantic strides of the beast took it closer to its prey.

At the last possible moment Pete leaped to the side and stuck out his sword to the side. The creature's charge missed him but his sword managed to pierce the creature's side. However it became stuck in its flesh and Pete was dragged along and the creature tossed and turned, trying to dislodge his passenger.

After a struggle, Pete managed to climb atop the bird and yanked his sword out. The beast roared, a terrible sound that could be heard for miles. Pete took the opportunity to slit the throat of the beast. The monster roared on last time before it collapsed. The Galus is finally killed.

Rejoicing, Pete looked around for Pikay but his trusted mount was nowhere to be seen. 'Guess I'll have to drag this thing back myself...' he said to himself as he grabbed the feathered monster and started on his journey home.

The Queen was pleased to see him as he dragged the monster to her throne!

'Oh Pete! What a good boy you've been! Thanks for completing your task!' his mother beamed at him. 'Tonight we'll all have roast chicken for dinner!'

Little Pete looked down. Cradled in his bloody hands was the body of Pikay.


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