Random Solitary Thoughts

Friday, November 30, 2001

Spent most of the day SLEEPING!!! Ate like nobody's business... read and slacked around all my waking time... I should go home more often... As for the Harry Potter test, I ended up being Harry Potter from Gryffindor. Why are there so many Harry Potter's around anyway? Starting reading the first book of Harry Potter this afternoon. Cd-rom drive is busted on comp... can't watch VCD's. Can't listen to the CD's I brought back. Sigh... well... there's always a downside to every vacation... it's the splendour of it that we have to savour.

To Booya, chill out!!! Heard you bought a PS2!!! Everyone seems to have a PS2!!! where's my PS2!!?!!

To Emptybox, I miss ya!!! All the food in Penang won't compensate for your CD discount card!!! Oops... did I just say that?...XP

To Eisu [if you read my blog... XP], yesh.. you are weird... but then again... who isn't?

To the rest... Limp Bizkit won some award for best album!!! Keep on ROLLIN!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

S.R.I. is done... nuff said... The bane of all assignments and subjects... a subject hardly understandable and totally a pain in the neck... if I have to do it all over again for my masters... I wouldn't... research is definitely NOT for me!!! I'll stick to 3D and animation... Going back to my hometown in Penang soon. Looking forward to home cooked meals and not having to step out of my room for snacks! Looking forward to waking up early for a good breakfast of Koay Teow Thing! Looking forward to dial-up networking [hopefully yahoo doesn't reconnect too often]. Looking forward to sleeping like a pig!!! Looking forward to meeting old friend whom I haven't seen in ages. Looking forward to nice cheap dirty Penang food! Looking forward to be able to watch TV for the next few days... and looking forward to NOT spending too much time in front of the computer! Life... is bliss...=) [Yeah!!!]

Saturday, November 24, 2001

Watched Harry Potter last night. Sat next to an idiot who just can't keep his mouth shut!!! The bugger was just droning on and on about the plot and the story before they even took place in the movie. More like having a discussion with his friend [who had unfortunately read the book...] and being the clueless $%#$^^ that he is... he just couldn't stop asking STOOPID questions which inevitably SPOILT the movie! That wouldn't have been a problem actually... if his freaking voice wasn't so damn loud!!!! This lasted throughout the whole two and a half hours and what made it worse, was that I couldn't stop coughing! I hate coughs!!!

Anyway, I learnt a valuable lesson that day... and that is... never hold back from punching the idiot next to you [to shut him up of course]!!! But considering the circumstances [with the idiot sitting like an idiot with his legs up on the seat] the movie still enjoyable and fun! Worth a watch!!! Go watch it!!! Avoid sitting next to idiots if you can!!! If you can't, change seats or kick him in the balls. In an event where the idiot is female, threaten to shave off her eyebrows with a blunt kitchen cleaver if she doesn't shut up!!! Other than that, enjoy the show!!! =D I know I did...;D

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Shucks... down with my final presentation today... another submission on Monday! This isn't good... gotta rush... gotta rush... gotta rush... No time to update blog... looking forward to dial-up connection soon enough... wish me luck!!!

The King is dead! I shall mourn by not updating my blog! What a sad excuse for laziness... Work beckons... deadlines beckons... and presentation is in several hours time. I am so in trouble...

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

These few days have been filled with thought. I can't help but wonder... how much have I changed? Of late, I seem to be hanging out less and less with my friends. Have I become much worst than I already am? Or am I being too much of a jerk? Or am I just being too sensitive about this? I'm still trying to figure things out... but with not much progress. Anyone want to lend a hand here?

Note of the day: Emotional conflicts suck!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2001

Hmmm.... just read Booya's blog. I must say that it got me thinking. Though it's true what he says, I can't help but think about the times when people actually do put you down... real bad... but that only makes you work harder. Of course, that also tends to discourage one from working harder... or working at all. Queer... I know. And I agree, that if the crowd supports you, you do better. The weird thing is, some people let's it go to their heads. And the end result is an individual who just can't improve. It all bears down to whether you are a fighter, or not-so-much-of-a-fighter... This reminds me of the way my master used to teach us.

He would beat the crap out of all of us, train us like dogs, push us to our limits, and drag us all the way to the bottom. So much so, we had nothing to lose, and the only thing we fight for, is for respect. But he made sure, in the event of a performance, or demonstration, should anyone screw up, he would be there for support. It is only when someone has gotten over his head in ego does my master actually put his foot down... hard... No doubt he punishes us for mistakes... but always away from others... and most of the time, we do it voluntarily. In other words, we had a traditional master. We learned to take responsibility for our own mistakes... he taught us that when we were stripped of our dignity and our self respect. But we learned well, and that has made us into the bastards and bitches that we are now. Hardcore, disciplined individuals without souls. The epitome of what the youth movement of today lacks!!! Yup, he trained us hard, but he trained us well... he taught us life, and how to deal with it. He may be sometimes wrong, but no one is perfect, and the end result, is whether we are willing to live the life he showed us. We expereinced hardship, and we became thankful for the luxuries of life. Sure, there are those who quit... complaining that it was too tough... but I guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion... and in the end, it's up to the individual to be who he or she wants to be.

The weird thing is. I have often wished that my master wouldn't be so hard on us. I wished that he would kindly explain our mistakes to us. To compliment us and give us support whenever we did something right. I wish he didn't have to put us down everytime we achieved something and was proud of it. He taught us to be humble. He taught us to be tough. He taught us that nothing is perfect, and that we are never the best. That others are always better. That we have to either join in the race, or go with the flow. But now that I think about it, I wouldn't have it any other way... It has become our philosophy for life.

Nowadays, as I sit by and watch other train. Their masters telling them how to do this and that, being strict but not hard... being helpful but not tactful. And I think... how lucky these people are... for they need not go through the crap that I've been through. But I'm thankful, to my master, for I know... that whenever I'm down... I can always find the strength to climb back up. He taught us that. And I am grateful for it. Which brings another thought. Is it me... or have these recent peaceful years softened the new generation? I do not know... but I can be sure that I'm a traditional person, and I shall ensure that my children [if I'm gonna have any...XP] will be brought up the same way I was... many years ago... shucks... I love my heritage... *sniff* *sniff* [emotional outbursts...] But of course... I'm not always right...

On a lighter and less philosophical note... I went to watch Joyride today. Typical thriller. Some interesting camera shots, and lighting. But other than that, zilch! Don't watch it if you're sick of cheap thrills and hollywood movies. Watch it if you wanna scare or disgust your girlfriend or if you are just looking for cheap thrills. Nothing much to say here... one of the more logical beginnings to thrillers that I've seen which turned out to be as illogical as the rest in the end... sheesh... [okay, that sentence didn't make much sense now did it?] Had a fun day... nuff said...

Saturday, November 17, 2001

YESH!!! IT IS SUNDAY!!! And tomorrow's MONDAY!!! Wooohoooooo!!! I am so in trouble...XP Work is NOT done! Still playing GAMES! Still WATCHING '70's show' episodes! Still haven't sketched!!! Oh woe is me!!! Woe! Woe! Woe! Heck... I shall survive... I have finished three of my five tasks! One of which is a never ending compilation of data... and the other is a compilation of a scrapbook which I still haven't started yet...XP The last undone task... is to take my friend out for a good time... [that, I'm looking forward to...>:)] But for now... I shall suffer in silence... as I slowly and excruciatingly finish the tasks that were given to me by some almigthy force named Deadline! Now where did I keep my movies...

Friday, November 16, 2001

ARGH!!! THe week has been terrible... a sudden rush of incoming deadlines had suddenly swarmed over me!!! I need to work!!! Can't write much now... beginning to feel the start of another cold... sheesh... I hate colds... shucks... I shall now go take a bath...

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

The network is lagging again. Which is why I haven't been constantly updating this space! Watched Princess Mononoke last night... made me think... now I REALLY wanna be an animator...:D My mind is still a mess... just realized that I have only about a week left to finish my third report for Special Research Interest!!! Shucks... I hate it when I start hitting the panic button. Still have final presentation for my Design Dissitation. Know why it's called Dissitation? Coz it literally DISSES you off!!! XP Which basically leaves me busy until Tuesday [after design dissitation presentation], which also gives me less than a week to finish off my whole report 3... life is peachy... but I will survive!!! Now... I shall go slink off in some corner and wait for the world to end... sigh... only a few more months... a few more months...

Monday, November 12, 2001

I vaguely remember wanting to write something interesting that happened today down on this blog, but due to the unforseen circumstances of LOS [Lack Of Sleep], and UID [Unwanted Irritable Deadlines], I seemed to have forgotten what was it that made me wanna write. Ah.. well... not much help speculating there.

Took a trip downtown to return some library books. Stayed at the national library for about less than five minutes to return the books. Spent an hour and a half going downtown and another hour or so getting back. Peachy isn't it? And now, all of a sudden, I remembered what it was I wanted to write about originally. During the journey back to PJ, I encountered a convoy of police vehicles excorting the Sultan back to his residence. Without haste, I tailed the convoy as they cleared the way for the Royal car and my dirty little red proton wira as well. I was part of a Royal convoy for five minutes. After that, the convoy turned into the Royal residence and I humbly went on my way back to PJ. What a sad end to events... shucks...

The day has been eventful. I slept at 8.30 this morning after a whole night of writing reports and watching animations. Woke up at 11.30 to the sound of my handphone reminder, kindly set by my friend to remind me to shave. I didn't... XP Rolled about until 12 before officially getting up. And spent the whole day trying to return three library books which I thought were long overdue. They weren't. Followed a Royal convoy for five minutes as they cleared the road for the Royal car. The road wasn't jammed to begin with... Arrived back at campus geared for work that should have been done earlier. Found out that no one did anything as well... Had dinner at a place nearby. Expected quick service. Waited from 7.30pm till 8 or so before food arrived. Did some grocery shopping afterwards. Found nothing worth buying for groceries. 9.00pm. Came back to campus from dinner. Visited loo. Must be the food... 9.15pm, started sketching and writing blog. Still can't log onto Yahoo messenger... Life is good... I am so content...

Sunday, November 11, 2001

I am back in campus... I have work to do... I am not happy... I should have stayed in bed.... shucks...

Friday, November 09, 2001

I hate Saturday mornings!!! You wait the whole week for this one day... to goof off and enjoy a well earned weekend! And when it finally hits you, all you can think of is the pile of work waiting for you on Monday! And that you have only one more day to sleep in late!!! You keep on thinking how fast time flies and that you have only half a day left to goof off! You try to figure out what to do for the rest of the day, and in the end, all you have is a wasted weekend! And the vicious cycle continues.... relentlessly... sigh... I hope Monday comes once again so I can get it over with and enjoy the next Saturday...

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Just woke up! Wish I hadn't but I did! Just read a few blogs today... shucks... Seems like everyone's depressed or something.

I have to admit. I was kinda down last night. And to think that it started off with a simple custom msg, asking for people who reads my blogs to msg me. No one did. It just came crashing down that no one even reads my blogs! So what the heck am I writing this for? Ended up being so depressed that I sent out a mass message to everyone saying sorry for the things that I've done. More of a guilt trip if you ask me. Well, to those who read Booya's blog, yesh, he was talking bout me! This morning, I woke up and saw a couple of messages on my comp. Apparently, some people actually do care! I feel so touched! And then I realised, that most of my friends did in fact receive my message and read my blogs. They just don't bother messaging, that's all. But doesn't mean they don't care either. In a way, I realized that they were like me. Aware of things that happen, but not saying much about them. A nice thought. I am no longer depressed.

To those who messaged me last night and this morning, thanks! You guys really made my day!!! And to those who reads my blogs and don't say a word, thanks! And let's keep it at that!

I am now cold in my room. Had an interesting day! But I'm too lazy to write... XP. So go look up Kotak's blog for the details. I had an eventful day! And Kotak bought two new blouses!!! Hah!!! Forgot to mention that eh?! Hehehe! XP I shall now roll over and drop dead...

Monday, November 05, 2001

Just got back from a photoshoot. With reference to Booya's blog, yes, it was the same group I am talking about. This time, they needed someone 'fair', so that a drawn tatoo would look cool against the 'fair' skin. Thanks a lot people! Now the whole world knows I have fair skin...XP.

Anyway, the shooting lasted about three hours, with the tatoo drawing and all. It was a cool experience, and I enjoyed posing in all sorts of unprovocative positions. The best part was seeing the tatoo for myself! It actually looked cool! Too bad, the temporary permanent markers will soon wear off the cool dragon I have on my back in a few days time. But until then, I shall walk around half naked! XP Nah... maybe not... Got back tired and hungry, but all the more reason for me to relax for the rest of the night! I am now tired. Maybe I should take a nice cool shower and see if the 'tatoo' would wear off! Hope it stays for sometime...

On a lighter note, I wonder what's up with people finding their old diaries these days. In fact, I did come across an old journal I used to write in back when I first entered the uni. Looking through it actually made me laugh when I see the enthusiasm I had in my younger days. Now, I just seem to find everything a torturous task to do! Maybe it's just the environment here... Anyway, I think I shall start writing down my adventures during the final semester. Since I started and stopped after the first sem, it's only fair that I conclude the journal with my last. It might be interesting to see how much I've changed, or haven't... in some ways...

Sunday, November 04, 2001

Back in campus... ho hum... It is hot! It is humid! It is still a mess... I shall now go play CS before bed... good bye SRI... I shall print it out tomorrow...

Friday, November 02, 2001

Just found out the reason behind the stink in my room which has been going on for the past few days. No, it's NOT the toilet next door... and no, it's NOT a supernatural phenomenon either. It was a dead bird. I dunno how it got there, and I don't want to think about it anymore!!! It was bad enough that me and my roomie had to lift up my bed, anticipating something, anything, that might have been down there! And the fact that my roomie sleeps beside the box where the bird was found didn't help a bit!!! Plus the fact that I literally slept on top of the body, with my head directly over the body!!! No wonder the stink was unbearable! And all along I thought it was just the toilet and the ventilation!!! I'm definitely moving to my Aunt's place for the rest of the weekend... sheesh!!!

I am still sick!!! Wait... this is beginning to sound monotonous. In fact, it's getting sickening! Okay, I am still sick but feeling better! I shall recover!!! I will survive!!! YESH!!!
This report writing is getting to me... but I must be strong!!!

To Kotak: Take care girl! Dun burn out on me!!! You can do it!!! Go! Go! Go! And thanks for the inspiration! I don't know what I do without you!!!

To the rest who actually reads my blog and whom I haven't seen in a while: All the best people!!! Two more weeks till the end of the sem!!! Patience is a virtue...

Thursday, November 01, 2001

I am still sick!!! Feeling a bit better now... but I am still sick!!! Sick of this place! Sick of the workload! Sick of the unclean water supply! Sick of NOT having TV! Sick of people pissing all over the place in the toilets!!! SICK!!! But most of all... I am SICK, because I have a fever...XP. Bread and water... sheesh... I shall NOT be sick tomorrow... God Save the Queen!!!

To Kotak: Luv ya!!! Thanks! I shall get well soon!

I am sick! I hate being sick! I really hate being sick! I'm gonna go lie down and sleep. I hate being sick!
I hate having a sorethroat. I hate having ulcers! I hate having a flu! I hate coughing! I hate fevers! I hate being sick!
I love sleeping. Nuff said...