Random Solitary Thoughts

Saturday, December 06, 2003

I went to Johor Baru for two days, courtesy of a company dinner. Dinner itself was 'okay-lah', although the chocolate company 'birthday' cake was good.

Highlight was sadly not the f@$$hion show which showcased a variety of clothes that were paraded for way too long, and from the back of the hall (which is where staff are seated), nothing was visible. Although I did hear from my boss (who sat up front with other bosses), that a senior director or somebody important who's one of our company's guest, drooled so much that the MC had to step down to pass him a tissue paper.

Highlight was in fact a performance by a world class harmonica band. I never knew that, that simple instrument could ever sound so rich. I shall not belittle little things such as the one inch long harmonica (the smallest in the world).

Today, we travelled back to KL, and stopped by a rest stop near Machak, or whatever you spell it... (I obviously didn't see the signboard here... Aimo, please help me out... XP) It was full of flies. Literally. The electrical lights which are used to zap flies were constantly at work, making the whole place sound like a belated raya celebration, or an early CNY event. We quickly ate and left hoping we won't crap in the bus.

Came back home and saw dog enjoying himself at Kotak's place. Decided to leave him there till I can settle down and unpack. Arrived home round six and proceeded to play football followed by football watching at mamak, followed by work until the wee hours of morning.

Later today, I shall be going to work. Joy is life, and life is joy... X)

Oh ya, I won a rice cooker in the lucky draw... ;)

Monday, December 01, 2003

I lost my temper... again...

Before I continue, I would like to apologize to my housemates and especially to Kotak, for my horrible behaviour earlier. A temper is never a good thing to lose... Anyways, onwards...

I had a terrible day... Actually, the day wasn't so bad. It was the traffic volume as I was rushing home to enjoy a totally tasteless egg sandwich for dinner. I practically wasted one and half hours on the road, when I could have taken the LDP instead of the Sungai Besi highway. I learnt my lesson well...

Later, after the storm, I sat in front of the altar and meditated for a while. I must say it does help calm the mind and kick-start the thinking process. To those who are on the verge of going insane (feels eyes looking at me), take up meditation. It helps a lot!