Random Solitary Thoughts

Monday, June 18, 2001

Well well well... Mary fell into the well, or maybe it would sound better if I said... Mary had a little hell, with her mother who fell into a well, after applying some gel from hell knows where, and rang a bell with a little yell! Okay, forget about it... talk about not talking gibberish... guess I'm making up for the lost gibberish of last night...[or maybe it's just the coffee I had this morning...] Anyways, wanted to write sooner, but thanks to the overwhelmingly sloooooooooooow connection at the still unkept hostel blocks, on the still money-sucking university campus, I couldn't do much except to sit back and watch ants crawl by. [Woohoo!!! I'm back to me old pessimisic self...:D] Right, back to work for now... I may add a bit more later... maybe... now what's that sound coming from my gut again...?


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