Random Solitary Thoughts

Saturday, February 22, 2003

A week has passed since I started work in a new environment. Already, the stress of work has once again overtaken me. But this time, I was better prepared for it.

With only 3 to 5 hours of sleep everyday for a week, I managed to survive the mundane office life. With a combination of capoeira and dance sessions every night, it's a miracle I'm still walking. The week was fun, but now comes the weekend, and soon it will go.

One thing for certain, having to work on a Saturday makes you appreciate your weekends more. Yesterday was well spent playing badminton with an ex-colleague and some of his friends. I haven't played badminton in a while, and this is sure a refreshing start. Coupled with a set of push-ups and sit-ups later on in the evening, and I was soo tired, I slept like a baby. Oh, and playing computer games, after not even turning on the PC at home for a week, is pure bliss!

Now, half of Sunday is almost over and soon it'll be Monday again. Yes, mundane Monday. Hopefully, a set of push-ups and sit-ups in the morning, coupled with a breakfast of char siew pau and tea before work will lift up my spirits! Have a good week ahead!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Having been away from my computer for close to a week with no internet connection at work, I have unofficially NOT been doing my daily bout of ramblings and storytelling. Therefore, I shall take this small moment to update this space in hope that I will be able to do so in the future.

Work has begun in the unforgotten and undeveloped lands of Bangi as the sun dawns in the dawn. The weary executive, having only three hours of sleep the night before, stumbles as he walks towards a small coffeeshop for breakfast. "I'll have one pau, and tea" he says in whatever language the waiter understands.

Then, he trudges into the office where he spends a mundane Wednesday morning working in front of a PC with NO internet connection. Life is mundane...

Highlights of the week before I'm too tired to type:-

1) Woke up a little later than I wanted to on Monday to go to work. (First day in new company) Arrived earlier than expected. Spent a tiring first day at work. Capoeira class later. Had a generally good time.

2) Woke up at 8.30 realising that work starts at 8.30. Rushes to office. Decides to tell truth that alarm didn't ring. Decides NOT to tell them that I had insomnia and slept at 4.00am. Survived second day miraculously. Had dance practice later on. Great!

3) Took precautions and asked housemate and Kotak to wake me up. Managed to wake up on own! Went early to work and had breakfast of pau and tea. Nice. Was tiring for a while, but managed to stay awake. Had capo later on. Great class! Went home late and slept at 3.00am. This is not good.

4) Woke up on my own again! Yea!!! Again, took precautions just in case. Had fried kuey teow and tea for breakfast. Kuey Teow sucked. Prefered the pau. Felt sleepy most of the morning but better after lunch. Had dance practice later. Very tiring but still great. Hope to get more sleep and wake up early tomorrow. Wish me luck! ;)

Monday, February 10, 2003

Today was my official last half-day at work. I shall start my new job on Friday!

I am by now, pretty sure that someone is feeding a toyol or some imp in the house. Last night, upon approaching the sink to wash my cup, I saw a three-quarter full mug of milo sitting in the middle of the sink!!! I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would make a mug of milo, only to leave it sitting in the sink!!! It seriously boggles the mind!!!

And surprisingly, when I returned home just a few minutes ago, it wasn't there!!! I shall keep my eye out for more mind-boggling activities...

Sunday, February 09, 2003

(continued from previous post)

The Sixth day of the Week of the Red-Eyed Three Frog of the month os the Slug, of the year of the Goat...

The desert is killing me. Already, I've lost interest in writing down boring snippets of my life on a journal that doesn't even talk back! Aliza was slain a coupl days ago while fighting in the desert. Everything is so mundane! I feel so mundane! Plus, I've lost my way and I dunno how to get back! I ran out of scrolls of Town Portal and I can't summon my way back! I'll probably die and no one will ever know and I can bitch all I want about my life and how mundane it is and in the near future some lousy adventurer is gonna drop by and find my bones and loots my items and no one will ever remember there was ever an amazon named ... (editor's note: name was not filled in and splotches of blood are seen on this last and final entry of the journal)

The journal ends here.