Random Solitary Thoughts

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In Pursuit of Happiness

And as the regulars on my blog can attest to, the title has totally no bearings or reference to the movie of similar namesake other than the fact that it may sound cool and fitting to such a post as this one.

So a few days ago (when this post was originally drafted but not completed), as I was sitting on my office desk pondering if I should update my blog, 3sa messaged me and politely 'asked' me in the manner only she knows how, to kindly update my stagnant blog. And so I did. If not, you wouldn't be reading this now would you?

Thoughts drifted towards our discussion on previous days when we talked about the Happiness that we face on a daily basis. 3sa had attended a Yoga workshop last weekend and it was an enthralling experience for her. Sad to say, due to certain obligations I wasn't able to attend the workshop. Plus, it's for advance students, and I'm only a lowly beginner.

Anyways, one of the topics talked about during the workshop included the pursuit of happiness that we as humans partake in. It is said that we human beings instinctively gravitate towards that which grants us happiness. Therefore, we are in a neverending quest to attain that happiness. We are forever chasing it. Looking for it. Wishing for it.

However, the happiness that most of us believe in is superficial to say the least. It is just a fleeting moment of gratification that boosts you and lifts you up momentarily. Eventually the moment will pass and you'll yearn for something more... substantial. And so the cycle continues, and never really ends.

It's that night out at the clubs, or the huge gatherings with friends of friends and people you don't know. It's the endless parties, and that fancy sports car. It's that huge mansion with the swimming pool and jacuzzi. It's 8000 dollars worth of shopping in a single day, on someone else's card.

But once the euphoria fades, all you have left is a dissatisfied empty shell. Always wanting more, searching for means to be happy. And it's our nature to do so. Whatever makes us feel good about ourselves. The trick of course, is to make the happiness last. A permanent solution.

It always starts with change. Change the lifestyle, the wants, the needs, the mind, and the spirit will follow. Then when you finally tap into your inner self, and ask the right questions, and answer them truthfully, can you truly be sure of what you want.

And usually, it's something simple, uncomplicated and pure. You just have to be honest with yourself. And that's all there is to it.