Random Solitary Thoughts

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The return of the Purple Clad Flash!

It has been two and a half weeks since mild-mannered Kalamari was transfered (voluntarily) to a new job in the heart of the city. All this while his super subhuman alter-ego, MultiPurpose Man had lain dormant, awaiting the next opportunity to display his otherwise crude, but somehow intriguing abilities.

Ever since the imploding bowel incident, nothing of significant note has happened to Kalamari and MPM. Something did happen a week or so after that fateful incident. Kalamari spent his last day at his now former company and walked out without even any acknowledgement from his boss (who miraculously exited the office for a obscure reason which no one seems to know). The incident was basically a blow to the under-developed psyche of Kalamari as he struggled with the reality of people who cannot grasp the concept of being civil. But nonetheless, the incident aside, Kalamari went on a short sabbatical and returned with good health.

Now he sits in a partitioned half-cubicle where he moves 3d bones and drinks thick aromatic coffee amidst the sound of often non-mainstream music. He is surrounded by possible lunatics and is compelled by a need to strive for better results. He surfs the net at unimportant intervals, and chats when he has to. At last, he sighs... "Civilisation!"