Random Solitary Thoughts

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

And I keep wondering why I never bothered to update my blog from the room. The page doesn't even finish loading! And that's where our fees go to... bad network lines and bad hostel conditions. Thank a lot... well... the night was practically wasted playing KOF and chatting on yahoo. What a sad way to spend the time when you know you don't have work the next day! Ah well.. shucks... that's life... hoping to catch a couple of vcd's tomorrow morning... if I don't oversleep...:P

And finally, Tuesday came and went... the last of my internship days... and now I am free... Okay, back to work... lemme see... there's that BK dance thinghy, and then I need to sample a few games.. plus I haven't finished undying yet... and as for FF8, I still have like three cd's to go... and well.. there's that story that I've been neglecting to write, and tons of borrowed vcd's to watch... plus the trip to STAD tomorrow [whatever for, I don't know...] and the stacks of reports I have to write... sigh... it ain't over... yet... Now all I can do, is wait...

Sunday, July 29, 2001

Monday has come yet again... and yet I welcomed it optimistically [which is weird considering I'm a pessimist in many ways...]. The reason? Today is the second last day of my internship. Very soon, I'll be an irresponsible MMU student again. I can sleep late! I can skip lectures! And the best of all... I can SLEEP at lectures!!!!! MUAHAHAHHAA!!! Anyway, enough of this crap... obviously bored here... got work to be done... and maybe I'll update this a little later...:)

Saturday, July 28, 2001

Aaaahhhh.. a Saturday night... think I'll sleep early [okay, not that early... but earlier than usual...:D]. Nuff said.

Friday, July 27, 2001

Looks like I'm running out of things to post here. Just came back from watching Kiss of the Dragon. Nothing much to comment about it. What do you expect? It's a kungfu flick... hero comes in, hero saves the day, meets girl, girl in deep s***, hero saves girl, decides to help girl, beats the bad guy's sidekicks, and the bad guy himself. I mean, it's so freakin predictable!!! Save for the weak [and repetitive] storyline which is the norm for most kungfu flicks, the action is rather impressive. I rather liked the fighting scenes as they are 'natural' and not too hollywoodlike. Of course, the hollywood element is there, but it's a different style from most kungfu flicks I've seen. Overall, not too good, but not too bad either. You definitely gotta be a martial arts freak to enjoy this... if not, it's just another action flick with a weak story. Nuff said, peace...:D

Saturday has finally arrived, and I wait with bated breath for whatever lies ahead... May your weekend be a good one.

Ho ho ho! And christmas ain't comin for another few months time... shucks... anyway I have to go now, so well.. I guess I'll have to fill in this spot some other time. Cheers dudes!

Well.. weekends here.. wanna write more... but Counterstrike is waiting... maybe some other time...:D

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Another week is passing by... and lo and behold... it's Wednesday...Sigh... and soon my internship will expire... dunno if that's a good thing or not. Things have been both good and bad lately... practice is getting somewhere... and the frequent headaches I seem to have isn't helping much either. Well... can't say much now... maybe I'll write later.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

So it has been two days since I've updated my blog... well... been busy... slow internet connections... late nights... sigh... sometimes I wished I had a dial-up! The weekend has been an interesting one so far. I haven't had much to say in a while... but I guess maybe it's because I had a rather rough week. Somehow the weekend has compensateed for it and I'm now as happy as a clam! :) Well, till I find more things to write, I'll leave you with some thoughts ...

Thoughts of the week: Friday is the best day of the week!
Open up to the people closest to you... it helps you more than you can ever imagine!
Being independant is forgetting how dependant you really are!

Tip of the week: Treat your friends to a meal sometimes... shows them how much you really appreciate their friendship!

Thursday, July 19, 2001

NO time to write now... just a thought for today...

Thought of the day: Have you called up your parents to tell them how much you love them? Try it.. it makes a whole lotta difference...

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Sheesh... woke up feeling worse than before... Yes, I went back early from work... my tongue wasn't helping, and my throat was beginning to get sore. Anyway, a nap later and things were still sore... shucks... must be sicker than I thought. Celebrated Jojet, Pocs and Arai's birthday at SmartGenie. Got smeared with cake... lots of cake! And flour as well... not to mention the coke they were throwing around... and I just had my bath! Dem... plus I have to get the stains off my white t-shirt... oooo this ain't gonna be pretty. And here I am now, shivering in my cold wet t-shirt at smartgenie... hanging round for a bit before dispatching myself to the bathroom once again for another bath! Planning to sleep early tonight... unless something comes up.

Right, guess I wrote more than I intended to... time to go now... just a thought... why is it that at every birthday, I get smeared with cake? And it ain't even mine yet!!! Sheesh... go figure...

Tip of the day: Do not attempt eating potato chips with an ulcer on your tongue!

Monday, July 16, 2001

The week has started but it seems like I haven't. Nuts... got this freaking huge ulcer on my tongue, preventing me from enjoying one of my favorite pasttimes, eating! The weekend ended on a good note... and I was looking forward to the week until yesterday... when I realized that it was Monday... dem! Well, today is looking good so far... morning was slow... overslept... [all three of us in the room...]got to work late... and things are still moving pretty slowly here... I'm hoping things will get better soon...
Well, enough of this nonsense... look on the brighter side, I finally get to do 3d again...[how can I ever complain about it in the first place?] and I'm not feeling that sleepy anymore... now if only my joints stop aching... and my tongue stop hurting, this would be an almost perfect day... almost...:D Right, back to work now...there's things to be done... jaa!

Thoughts to ponder: Never underestimate the power of a phonecall...

Saturday, July 14, 2001

The weekend's here... nuff said. Dem... can't think of anything right now...my mind's a big blank right now... maybe I'll write something a bit later... or maybe on Monday... Final Fantasy was ... well... okay I guess...can't say much now either.. I just don't feel like I'm in the mood to type.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Another day passes me by and I've yet to comprehend the reason to live. No matter, I'll enjoy my sad existence for now. had a rough night just now... whole bunch of practice and dancing for the CMC thinghy next month. Sheesh... my injuries turned out more than I expected... saw a rather nasty cut on my tongue, and a large blue black bump on my knee! Talk about busted kneecaps... sheesh... probably gonna bandage that up for a couple days. Arms are aching like mad... and as for my elbows... sigh... nuff said. Plus not forgetting the bruised on my cheek, OW! Does anyone know how much the ointment stings? I dunno which is worse, the bruises or the ointment I have to apply every so often... shucks! Not only that, I was feeling a bit under the weather earlier on. A pill and a nap helped I guess... must be the hazy weather nowadays... NO more open burning.... NO cremations... NO satays... NO outdoor barbeques... and worst of all... NO char koay teow...:(( shucks... [like I can eat that? sheesh...] Anyhow, the day was a productive one... and I hope I'll see better days tomorrow...jaa!

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Tuesdays ain't better than Mondays! The office is as cold as ever, and still no one has updated their blogs... sheesh... this is gonna be a slooooow week, and the only thing keeping me going is Final Fantasy this weekend. Shucks... well, back to work! Man, I have such a sad existence... sheesh...

Monday, July 09, 2001

Whoa! Everyone seems to be really busy these days... and I thought I was the only one. Shucks! Anyway, the week was off to a good start so far... and let's hope it stays that way...:D Shrek was really cool... though I dunno who's gonna write the review this time. Well... any takers? Then again, don't think anybody checks the blogs these days eh...? :D This weekend it's Final Fantasy. Anybody wanna go watch? Just call me for advance bookings...:) Yokay, don't think I'll stick around too long... shivering in the office now... maybe next time... jaa!

Friday, July 06, 2001

Yokay, Friday is here, and I still haven't written that review yet... shucks... It has been a long week... and I'm glad the weekend's finally here! Well since I have some time now, might as well begin.
Evolution was a good show. One of the better shows I have seen in a long time. Comedies I mean. It's a combination of pure sick humor, as well as some smart cracks... disgusting jokes, and corny ones as well. Basically, it's a sci-fi story which tells of a small meteor which comes crashing down on earth [man, how many meteor/asteriod stories have we seen already?]. Anyway, it starts off with this gigantic thinghy crashing onto earth, bringing with it David Duchovny [pronounced Du-cough-nee. Finally got it right...:D] Ohmigawd!!! I just spoilt it!!! Nevermind... it brought something else... wanna know what? Go find out yerself...:P Crap... my humor is getting lame... must be too much work! Anyway, these pair of reject scientists found it and brought it back only to find interesting things about it. Anyway go see the show yourself if you haven't done so already.
Things to comment. It's a no brainer, so don't think! It's disgusting, so don't eat! It's stupid, but fun, and it's a good movie, so nuff said! Okay, okay, I know I ain't doing you guys justice with my lame review... maybe it's been too long since I saw the show, and maybe I'm still screwed from work. Whatever it is, I'll write a better one next... sorry people for bad reviews... [and a late one too...:P].
Anyway, gonna clear things up before the weekend... till next time... jaa!

Thursday, July 05, 2001

Shucks... wanted to write a lot, but ended up not writing much... if I have the time.. I might just do the Evolution review tonight or tomorrow... whichever comes first...:D

Tuesday, July 03, 2001

Crap... was so busy last night, didn't have time to even add a post. And I still don't have time now. Listening to Def Tones while I work... real loud music. Well, can't say much now... it's all work work work! Hope lunch can liberate me from this sleepiness I'm feeling... till next time...

Thought of the day:- Hokkien is an interesting language... especially when your friends don't know what you're talking about...:D

Monday, July 02, 2001

Overtime... nuff said. Can't write much, hectic day, glad to be rid of Booya [driving lessons], enjoyed Evolution though I have no time to write out a review yet. Will get around to it before the week is out. Phew! That was brief. So since everyone knows what I've been up to, I think it's time I call it quits. Maybe next time... if I have the time... sheesh...

P.S. YES!!! I am glad you're getting professional help... darn.. I should have charged when the going was still good... ah...well... [shrug]

Tip of the day: Beware the finger... 'smirk'