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Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Monday!

It's been about two years since I wrote. Much have happened. Much have not.

Life is funny, life is ironic. Life has been such. It's sometimes an oxymoron, and sometimes a tautology; a convoluted maze filled with recondite pedagogical puzzles.

But that's what makes it interesting. It's triumphs and trials, it's successes and defeats, it's wins and losses. There's always a balance, of Ying and Yang; a karmic balance that religion tries to attribute to devotion, philosophy ignores, and science tries to explain.

Yet it exists. And sometimes it's heartening to know when that balance occurs and the cycle comes a full circle and the work that you've done makes sense. Your life makes sense.

And it's worth it. Most of the time anyway.

Maybe all of the time.

Happy Monday!


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