Random Solitary Thoughts

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Intellectual Diarrhea

Contrary to the title, this post is far from a story about bowel movements. Rather, it tells the story of how one ingests a rather huge amount of intellectual musings in recent times and finding not the capacity to hold it all in, in the secret recesses of his mind causes it to implode within the limited confines of his compartmentalized brain.

Therefore, we find ourselves at this point in time where there is a need to regurgitate some of this intellectual properties to make space for more. And as an afterthought to prevent potential irreversible damage to the mind and other bits which are connected to it.

A flurry of information, most of which requires lots of reflection and thinking. Something I haven't been doing for a long time, finding solace and peace in my mindless, emotionless ramble through a life littered with pretentious facades and meaningless aspirations. Yet something has always bothered me, something deeper than I can comprehend. Always nudging me towards a direction. But where?

For a while I was content to ride the tide and flow with the wind. But these intellectual spikes have awaken my hunger and curiosity to seek answers. No longer am I content to just ride the waves of fate and destiny. I start to question these cosmic tugs. And the more I question, the more answers I get. But these answers only seek to give birth to yet more questions. So many questions that my limited mind is filled to the brim, and thus it's natural response is to release.

So here I immortalize some of my musings, in the hopes and I've made room for more. And perhaps when my head finally stops aching, I may find some time to actually write something more intelligent than this piece of purge.