Random Solitary Thoughts

Friday, March 28, 2003

Ahhh.. finally on borrowed internet account, (actually in my friend's office blogging while he plays football on his PS2. Okay, a quick recap!

The move to my new place was tiring, still is as I am still trying to tie up the loose ends and put everything into place. I must admit, setting up a house isn't easy. It will probably be a few months before the house will resemble anything worth living in. Still, the freedom of being able to set up your home the way you like it is great!

Work has been a mix of great and not-so-great moments! This is coupled with the fact that I have a tough time waking up early especially after a good workout the night before. The situation of course has improved since, with me getting better adjusted to the routine. Still, there are times when a drowsy morning hits and everything becomes mundane, much like today.

Being 'away'from the online community has it's perks I must say. Irritating junkmail and online controversies are easily avoided, as well as the daily need to blog. Still, it adds to the mundaness of the day as no new gossip or toipc is discussed, and I seem to have missed out on a lot of online life, which is something most of us develop after a while.

Well, putting all those aside, I guess not being online gave me the chance to rediscover my offline life, and treasure the savoury moments of days when the internet was part of a science fiction novel someone decided to write in his/her free time. In the mean time, I shall apply for an account and hope that I will be back with the 'community' soon. Till then, may you all be well and happy! ;)