Random Solitary Thoughts

Monday, September 05, 2005

Rediscovering Blogging

After being away from my blog for the better half of a year, or maybe just a couple of months, it was a bit daunting to start blogging again. Never has such a seemingly trivial and simple task seemed more... daunting than I could ever imagine.

For the past cuple of months or so, to blog has been a bit of a chore. No thanks of course to the three weeks of waiting for streamyx to get me connected, nor to the crazy schedules of work and mural painting, and training and connectivity and other things as well.

Today, was just like any ther day of late. I started off trying to blog, and at the end of it, I couldn't finish my post thanks to work and the like. Maybe I'll write when my #@^)*^ streamyx is up!