Random Solitary Thoughts

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ice cold jacuzzi

There is nothing more refreshing than a dip in an ice cold natural jacuzzi surrounded by a natural garden of flora. That pretty much sums up my trip to magickriver last sunday.

Sitting among nature, being engulfed by the enorminity of it all makes for a rather humbling experience. Coupled with an inspiring chat with Antares and a few new and existing friends from the city over a cup of Antares' infamous milk tea, the experience was definitely food for the brain. In a good organic way.

But of course, any such visit would not be complete without the impromptu percussion jamming sessions where we bounce energy and beats off each other. It must be the place. And the people. There is something magical about magickriver that somehow brings people together, answers to questions, and peace to mind.

I went home that night feeling a lot clearer, and focused. Nothing like a good dip in the water to cleanse the spirit and the mind.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dedicated to all Cholerics out there!

The Powerful Choleric personality. A strong-willed, fast-thinking snappy decision maker who is quick to anger and deems themselves always right. Has a habit of branding anyone who doesn't think as fast or make similar decisions as stupid (which is pretty much all non-cholerics).

When you meet a Choleric you'll know immediately by the way they talk and make quick decisions, and demand that their way is right even though they are obviously wrong. This is normal as the choleric somehow can't comprehend the fact that they too can make mistakes.

A typical conversation with a powerful choleric may be something along these lines.

You walk into the room and the powerful choleric approaches you with a problem, asking you to think of a solution. Before you can begin he/she starts listing down the points to ponder, out-lining the pros and cons of each possibility and before you know it, comes to a conclusion that works. He/she proclaims this as the solution and wonders why you can't think of it (the choleric probably thinks you are stupid at this point).

Meanwhile, the poor bugger who just walked into the powerful choleric doesn't quite know what hit him/her. Before he/she has a chance to even answer, the powerful choleric has taken matters into his/her own hands and delivered a decision without giving a chance for said bugger to respond. He/she probably even got labelled stupid, lame, or .

So powerful cholerics, chill a while; and give the others a chance to think and make decisions. And by a while, I meant until they come up with something and not the 10-odd seconds it took you to do so. After all, we're not all powerful cholerics.

Some parting words for the quick-to-anger choleric.

There are three ways to deal with anger. You can express it, suppress it, or forgive.
Out of the three, the only real way is to forgive.
-A monk whose name I've forgotten, but whose words I shall not-

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How does one kill oneself?

Isolation. Stubbornness. Arrogance. Pride. Anger. Fear. Stupidity. Emotions.

Wouldn't it be great if we could fill ourselves with all these and commit suicide? Then we'd take all these negative qualities with us. We will rid the world of another thorn in society. Imagine a world where seriously flawed people consciously remove themselves from society.

We'd have a blissful world of inspiring individuals, all aspiring to achieve world peace. No one would belittle another nor be angry when things are not accomplished. Everyone will be understanding and accommodating. We will continuously inspire each other. There will be no 'stupid' people.

But it has to start somewhere.

I'm going to begin with me. I'm removing my flawed self from society.

"The first step towards improving oneself is to acknowledge that one is flawed"
-The Sage-

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A humble piece

By Kalamari

How is it that a teacher who aspires to be
An example to all, can crumble and fall,
Amidst anger and arrogance?

It is simple. For he/she is still human.

How is it that a teacher who inspires
Find that he or she cannot find it in others?

It is simple. For he/she is only human.
And arrogance clouds the mind from learning.

How is it that a teacher who dutifully cultivates
The essence of spirituality and meditates
Can find no peace in his/her heart
To learn from those below him/her?

It is simple. For he/she is just human.
And knowledge comes from humility.

Phasing out

I'm going through a phase of spiritual cleansing.


Yes, I hear you. Spiritual cleansing, to sum it up in my terms is a way of detaching from physical, emotional and material baggage. There is nothing religious about it, and there should be nothing religious about it since I'm not in any way inclined to religion in the first place.

So with one and a half weeks to go, from a total of three weeks, I find myself a nervous and often edgy wreck. Constipated, as 3sa always puts it. More so than I usually am.

I guest its my body's way of cleansing everything that shouldn't be there in the first place. Anger, angst, frustration, constipation (lots of it), regret, sadness, and many more. Negative emotions being flushed out by the torrents. Much like how the toilet bowl becomes your best friend when you go on a detox programme.

And like the shit (pun intended) that spurts out from a detox programme, I do feel significantly 'cleaner' and much much 'clearer'.

So when the stench clears, I may once again breathe the fresh air that nature intended me to breathe.