Random Solitary Thoughts

Sunday, February 24, 2002

I'm a Wind Spirit

Thought above feeling and mind over matter are your mottos. Others come to you for advice and guidance. Some see you as introverted and snobbish, but they are merely jealous of your common sense knack to think things through. Don't be afraid to listen to your heart though.

Things to think about... I must be one lonely spirit... sigh...

Friday, February 22, 2002

Looks like a lot of gas is coming up my way.. literally... feeling gaseous for the past couple of days. Not a good feeling...

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Wow!!! The internet connection here is suddenly faster than I thought it was. But then again, it was stupendously slow a few minutes ago... go figure! Work has slowed down to a crawl... no thanks to the entry of a new game in the room. But at least work is being done. I'm looking forward to this weekend... been working too hard lately... fell sick yesterday... had tummy upset and have been experiencing a washing machine in my guts for sometime now... not a very pleasant feeling. Been wanting to have a good old knockout session... but due to the haze and smog and whatnots in the air... outdoor activities are not encouraged. I need to get a life...

Friday, February 15, 2002

Back in campus... guess I've been missing a lot of what's going on... but then again... I always have... Back to campus... back to work... no more breaks till the end of the semester. Time flies. There's nothing to say to that. The year grows shorter, and so does everything else. The bout of depression is creeping up again. Now, I'm really sure it's this place that's causing it. Another sleepless night working through the hours. Tomorrow is a new day to embrace. Yet to what extent are you willing to embrace it? And what's with the fanaticism with boybands and whatnot's that appear on screen? I can't comprehend. Spending a whole week with Westlife ain't my idea of fun... now I'm glad to be among my kaleidoscope of mixed rocks songs and bits of slapsick parodies where no sappy songs can be found. Yes... valentine's day may linger yet... but love songs need not be sappy. Westlife can go kiss my @$$!!! Long live the world of unsappy love songs!!!

On a very interesting note... I received a yellow 'patrick'... woof woof... so CUTE!!! [HAHAHAHA yesh... I have gone sappy thanks to a week's worth of Westlife!!! May they rot in their sappy albums!!! Bluergh!!!] Many thanks to the giver of the yellow 'patrick'!!! You're just as cute!!! [BLUERGH!!! XP dem... what's the matter with me... ]

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Burn! Burn! Burn! Been playing Disciples 2 every chance I get!! That is...when I'm not working on my animation that is... it has been a holiday deprived of it's holiday flavour... For some odd reason, no one seems to be in the mood for Chinese New Year. Recent family events may have had some influence I guess... and the lack of family members and cousins [most of them outstation] doesn't help things much. Plus the extra work I had to bring home to do over the weekend... this has been a most depressing New Year so far... but hope still shines... optimism is always welcomed... and the accomplishment of some work is beginning to turn the tide of this holiday. Yesh... I smell change in the air... I smell... FREEDOM!!! Well... it always gets better somehow... I'll wait...

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I just wasted about twenty minutes of my life writing a long e-mail on yahoo... and when I sent it.. yahoo gave me a login-expired thinghy and there goes my e-mail. My faith in yahoo is declining... and icq keeps disconnecting me... but I don't blame them... I only blame the lousy internet connection in campus however free it is... I blame the country's lack of attention to the internet services provided... I curse telekom for not upgrading their lines and taking more users than it can handle... I condemn telekom for charging such outrageous prices for services which is not up to par with our local postal service [which in itself is bad enough...] And last but not least, I critise the local servers for providing slow connections, making the local sites even slower to download than international sites...

I am full of anger, I am full of hate, I am full of coke and I am high coz I am overworked. I spit bile with my words, I consume the peace surrounding me, I burn my enemies with words of spite. I strum my guitar and rage follows, I click on my mouse and my minions burn my foes to the ground. I type on my keyboard and my units follow my every bidding. I sent my units to capture fortresses and they came back burnt and barely alive. Again, I sent more recons and they came back dead. Then I called upon my champion and he smote my foes with such force that he struck terror into their hearts and burn malice into their faces as they retreat with their tails between their legs. But I was not appeased... for I had lost a lot... so I sent him forth to do battle... to hunt them down... to cleanse the land of their filth and strike them to the ground with armargeddon and fire from the heavens. And when the ashes fall into the dusk... I shall save my game and pray that I do NOT accidently open the stoopid program again...

-taken from the memoirs of a reluctant gamer-

Sunday, February 03, 2002

Today as I was passing by Watson's a girl holding a basket of what seemed like shampoo samples, pushed two sample packets into my hands.
"Multi-coloured with fragrance" it said on the pack. And the brand name...? Madonna!!! With a picture of a naked lady [strategically positioned to cover all essentials], and blue lighting. Yesh... my two sample packets of shampoo turned out to be sample packets of condoms... Madonna condoms!!! Why did the girl give it to me? I do NOT want to speculate... do I look like some sort of playboy? XP

Life couldn't be peachier... [add smiley here]

Saturday, February 02, 2002

Been out the whole day helping some juniors shoot their MTV. Slept at 4a.m. last night... woke up at 6.30a.m., Went out to help them shoot the MTV, napped at 11.30a.m. and woke up at 1.00p.m. Stayed up till now. I am seriously not getting the long awaited rest I deserve... sigh...