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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

THING WARS: The thing strikes back

Taken from the diary of stalker girl:

First entry - Today is my first day in campus. I'm so excited. I just can't wait to meet all the cute guys and the seniors (I'm a sucker for older men). I hope I 'bump' into one today! Oooohhh... getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Second entry - Lunchtime and still no studs around. This place sucks! The only male species in my class were still undergoing evolution from single-cell organisms. Those who weren't were hopeless ah bengs who spend more time with a mirror looking ugly than with their pretty girlfriends! This is soooo sick!!!

Third entry - Wooohooo!!!! Dropped my wallet into the drain and got it soaked, bended over to pick it up and was knocked down into the drain by some silly ah beng who can't see where he was going!!! Tried to climb out but ripped my super short, super tight miniskirt and exposed part of my undies! Guys were oogling!!! >:) But no one helped!!! :(( Until... a drop-dead gorgeous guy came along and offered his hand. I took it, and he hauled me up with hardly any effort at all! Very strong... mmmm... He handed me a used clean hankerchief and said that's all he had. No tissues!!! What kind of guy doesn't carry tissues these days!!! Definitely not a sissy! Macho! And who carries hankerchiefs anyway? Only a sensitive, environment-loving guy!!! Oooh.... I was falling for him, then he spoke to me!!! He told me to keep the hanky, (he probably has more) and told me to be careful in such a mature and caring manner, befitting one who is cultured, well-mannered, and probably 'SENIOR'!!! So I shyly, but deviously asked him... if he was in my class, to which he smiled and said, "Not likely... If you were two years earlier, maybe... " I knew then, that this was a senior! Not just any senior... but THE senior!!! OOoh... he's soooo coooolll!!! I hope I meet him again soon... and no... I was too star-strucked to ask him his name... but I'm sure it will be something that symbolically signifies the manliness that he represents... something like Han Duet or Chewbaka... or maybe even Yoda...

Fourth entry - Finally, after two weeks of hard work, trailing and tracking down my 'sempai' (senior), I have come close to a conclusion... I have fallen deeply in love with him! I also found out that he's still single (good for me), and that he is majoring in film and animation... an movie guy... I like... He is also apparently proficient in a lot of areas... sort of like a multi-tasker or multipurpose person... (dang, I'll think of a better name to give him some other time...) But today, my hard work has finally paid off!!! I found... his name!!!! WHAHahahahhaa <--- (squeals in evil laughter) ...tho not really what I had in mind... He calls himself... (or at least that's what I hear his friends call him...) Kalamari Calamary! (name changed to protect identity of persons involved). But who cares!!! He is soooo cuuuuuuteee!!!

Fifth entry - Dang... silly ah beng boy trailing me around... making it hard for me to stalk my multipurpose squid... scheming of ways to poison persistant ah beng...

Sixth entry - Calamary BUMPED into meeeee!!!! Yeeeessshhhh! I'm on cloud nine... (note from author: actually his bag bumped into her when he passed her by apparently in a rush of some sort)

Seventh entry - It's been a while since I last wrote... assignments bearing down on me... Saw Calamary less and less... and when I do... he seems to be always in a rush... Further research and probing into people he hangs out with reveals that assignments aren't due till much later... and being the multipurpose guy that he is... he shouldn't have problems finishing in time. This is puzzling me...

Eighth entry - Saw Calamary rushing out of campus today. He's looking in bad shape. Something's up... if only I had the courage to approach him and ask him what's wrong... Silly ah beng boy houding me again... the broken nose I gave him last week is healing... he actually looks better with that broken nose...

Nineth entry - Ohmigawdicannotbelievethiscalamarysatbesidemeinthecafeteriatodayandi
didn'tnoticehimtillheleftgawdi'msuchanidiot!!!!!!!!! I should go hang myself for this...

Tenth entry - Saw Calamary hanging around with this white,fat,ugly student who walks like a girl! What does he see in him? That guy is everything that defines a faggot!!! (note from author: No offense people, this was written to characterize the person writing the diary, no bias or stereotypical feelings about gays... sorry.) Wait... this makes sense!!! He's single... he doesn't seem to be chasing girls... he's the definition of machoness and the perfect guy any girl would like to have but can't get... nooo... My sempai is.... oh noooo..... GAY!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaa
AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! (my poor heart is broken)

P.S. Didn't sleep until 6.30am thinking about it... *sniff* *sniff*

Eleventh entry - Felt really bad. Still haven't recovered from the shock... assignments and sleepless nights ain't helping either. Ah beng boy asks me for a drink after class. I agreed as I was too tired to fight off his pathetic attempts and corny pickup lines. He was rather nice though... buying me coffee and all... dang! What am I thinking! Crap! crap!crap!!! Back to work!!!

Twelveth entry - Was burning my brains thinking about my assignment in the labs with ah beng boy by my side bugging me with silly phrases and broken english when Calamary came in... apparently searching for someone. My heart skipped a beat. And ah beng boy spoke... to him!!! He knows him!!! And he never said a thing before!!! If only I knew earlier, I would have seduced him to get closer to sempai!!!! Noooo!!! I felt like I wanted to KILL ( Krush Incinerate Lobotomize and eLectrify) HIM!!! But no... he had to play it smart and introduced Calamary to me!!! Oh... the bliss!!! Calamary introduced himself as Squidocious Squid, such a cool name!!! He then proceeded to tutor us in Maya (and maybe more perhaps...>:) )(note from author: darn perverted woman!!!), patiently explaining everything in perfect detail, coupled with experience in his deep caring and kind voice. I would have been enlightened and become a Maya guru there and then, but I was too mesmerized by his voice and his stunning looks!!! Then, ah beng boy did something smart (for once in his life). He asked Calamary why he was hanging around with that... that... THING!!! And from their conversation, I gathered information...
1) Calamary is NOT gay!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! There's still a chance for me!!!
2) He's only helping that... person/thing/whatever!!! Ooooh.. he's so noble!!!
3) Things aren't looking good...
He had to go... so we went back to our work... and my mind began to wander... when am I going to see the solution to this puzzle?

Thirteenth entry - Bumped into Calamary again. This time he apologized for rushing! He's sooooo sweet! But things definitely don't look good. The last I saw of him, he was heading towards that eeewww... that... thing... Who knows what mess my sempai has gotten himself into this time... only time can tell...

Fourteenth entry - I was walking down the stairs when sempai rushed past me... his face all serious and dark. I felt so scared seeing him like that! But as he turned the corner, he had an odd grin. Something big is happening...

Fifteenth entry - Computer crashed!!! Noooooo!!!!! Luckily, ah beng boy offered to fix it... quite efficient too... at least he's good for something.

Sixteenth entry - Saw sempai having a big argument/fight with the thing (I have resorted to call him that after all the trouble he has caused my sempai... dunno what trouble but I don't like it either way...)! Sempai used the forbidden word!!! In public!!! And loudly!!! Oh no! Something big is happening! Saw the thing run after sempai! Something gonna happen...

Seventeenth entry - Sempai strolled past me in his 'Terry' outfit. The torn jeans and sleeveless t-shirt with the red cap that reminds me so much of Terry Bogart in Fatal Fury! His head was down so he didn't see me. I could feel the killing aura surrounding him! I wanted so much to follow him... to give him support... to fight his battles... but I've already promised ah beng boy that I'll have a drink with him... and I'm not the sort who FFK's... Ah well... good luck to sempai! I'll talk to him tomorrow...

Eigthteenth entry - Saw sempai online. Messaged him and asked him about the whole thing. He said he was tired, but wouldn't mind a drink. Sempai asked me out for a drink!!! I'm on top of the world!!! WAAAHEYYYY!!! I agreed. Over drinks he told me about the thing. But being the gentleman that he was, he wouldn't say too much. All he said was... that the past week had been hell. The thing had caused a lot of trouble and troubled a lot of people. And yesterday, sempai and a few others put an end to it. I tried to asked more... but he wouldn't talk. All he said before he left was, "Don't trust people too easily... but don't stop trusting people..." I pondered over his words as I watch him walk away...

Nineteenth entry - Woke up late for submission of assignments. Luckily, lousy lecturer overslept as well, so no one could submit till afternoon. Began packing to go back for the hols.

Twentieth entry - I find all this writing senseless and meaningless. I'm packed for the hols. Next semester I'll probably be moving out of campus. Shucks... gonna miss it here. Ah beng boy volunteered to send me to the bus station. He seems nicer each day... except for that lousy english of his... and his silly humour... and his dyed hair...ewww... and his sense of dressing... gotta teach him how to shop one day... yadayadayada... (note from author: The entry went on and on about the imperfections of ah beng boy... which is not part of this story... so it has been editted out for the sake of all you nice people out there)...

Found in a trash bin near the girl's hostel block.

Weird dream dated last Saturday...

Had a weird resident evil-like dream when I slept for 3 and a half hours straight on a saturday afternoon thanks to a whole week of working two jobs. I remember clearly that a friend had asked me to help in some way. What was the job description, I could not remember... neither could I remember what was my occupation in the dream...

I stepped into the school grounds, (a high school to be exact) only to be greeted by students rushing out in a torrent of panic. Then I saw a familiar face... my friend's mother (why, I do NOT know!!!) She proceeded to ask me to help solve the mystery involving some students who were slowly becoming demons... (WHAT??? I know this sounds absurd, but it seemed logical in the dream...) It was then that I realized that I was a private investigator.

Anyway, I had to push my way across all the panicking students, (unfortunately, it was an all boys school... no girls... shucks...and no.. I have yet to determine which school it is.. but I remember it had a giant playround nearby with rusty slides and bars... such was the detail of my dream) I soon came across a group of students whom everyone seemed to avoid and I soon saw why.

They were half mutated, each looking like a grotesque abomination with demon limbs and parts. One boy had a blue face and a fin on his head (something like the savage dragon) with one side of his head covered in blue, fin-like hair while the other showed his human bald head. My friends mother who was a teacher there, showed them to me and told me that they began to change somewhat bit by bit till who knows... they become demons!!! The poor kid had only one small part of his human body left with him which was the side of his head. And right in front of me, blue, fin-like hair began to cover the last bit of humanity left in him, turning him into a outcast of society, a demon.

I began to gather them bit by bit but I didn't know what to do, not that anyone would know... would you? What surprised me most was that they new of their plight and were saddened, but other than appearances, they remain human inside. I only remember that something prompted me to climb one of the bars leading up to the slide in the giant, rusty playground, and that I stayed there till all was dark and the sun had set.

I don't remember much of what I did up there, but I remembered that a group of the 'demon' students were sitting on some bars a ways away from me, and they commented that they liked my singing. Now, I know my singing sucks, but it seems to me that my voice had some sort of healing qualities applicable only to demons. And they liked it. They said it made them feel human again. And so I sang... and we sat there looking at the last bit of sunshine... singing songs of yesteryears...

Note to myself: Do NOT sleep on saturday afternoons!!!

Monday, August 26, 2002

It's been quite a while since I updated this blog. I shall now explain why. First of all... I've been working on a freelance project... Secondly, my current job last week was heavy due to the fact that it's the end of the project and the recording needs to be finished really quick. That... plus the fact that my freelance job is also moving towards a deadline similar to my permanent job put my out of order for a while. I had only a few hours of sleep... and 6 ulcers in my mouth to prevent me from enjoying one of my favorite pastimes... eating. Due to the sudden burst of work, Kalamari Squidocious lay dormant while my alter-ego Multipurpose Man took over this disasterous task! But now, I have returned!!! WAHAHHAHAHHA!!!! Oh ya... the second part of 'Thing' wars... will be continued shortly...

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Got drenched in the rain while sending one of the voice-talents back to campus. Plight amplified when I had to go back to the cold shivering office soaking wet... to finish off work because it wasn't 6.00pm yet...

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

THING WARS: A New Hope...

It was a cold day in May when our quiet undercover hero, Kalamari Squidocious under the intelligent guise of Calamary Squidicos, met the dreaded 'thing'!!! (again, organs flared, ( not the internal ones), violins screeched, and trumpets were banned because they made too much noise) The meeting itself was a joke in its own funny, sadistic, cynical way. Our undercover hero, Kalamari Calamary Squidicos was attending a presentation by the new-comers, the N.E.W.B.I.E.S. (Naive Excited Wannabes Bringing In Expenses for Suck@$$-university). Now, the newbies were all fresh and excited about their first presentation, and their initiation into the wonderful world of suffering. On the way to the E-theatre, tho there's nothing really 'E' about it except Ewww..., our hero decided to stop by an old ally's office to visit the 'King'. There, he met one of the newbies who will be presenting a performance later on. The fella looked like an ordinary chap. A little overweight and under baked, but other than that, he seemed to be like any other newbie, young, innocent and stoopid. Our hero modestly greeted him and was on his way when the newbie turned to him and said, "You won't believe what I have to do later". Our hero thought to himself, okay, let's see what this upstart is made of. (Our hero regretted soon after... but read on to find out more) Most of them performed interesting performances tho none which really stood out. Still, our hero stayed on to see if there is a diamond in the rough... a sore thumb which stood out, a missing slice from the pizza! Then, there came the arrogant newbie whom he met earlier, and his grouped performed a sketch. It was quite entertaining, since it was about contraceptives and all but the highlight was yet to come. In the middle of the sketch, they decided that they should do something interesting (it was part of the sketch) so the arrogant little fella went up to the front of the stage and the most horrible music started to play!!! It was one of Britney Lembing's songs!!! (which one I can't remember... tells you how much of a fan I am eh?)!!! Ooohhhh the agony!!! OOOhhhh the humiliation!!! Oooohhh the pain of the splinter in my @$$!!!

Anyway, the newbie started dancing to the tune and gyrated with his jelly-like body. It was the most horrible scene in the history of our hero's life! But still, with a heart of stone, our hero stayed where he was and faced the ordeal of horrible dancing. Given that a newbie actually had the guts (and plenty of it.. literally... >:) ) to go up front and dance, Calamary felt that a few extra minutes of patience is in order. So our hero stayed... and congratulated the newbie on the attendance of his guts where they should be. After that, our hero left the building, with his thoughts to himself. Surely this new batch of newbies have some promise. Surely some of them will prevail. Surely, a new prodigy can be found. And so on, his thoughts raced through his mind... and then the dreaded image of jelly-boy dancing to Lembing's song... (ewwww) stopped him in his tracks! He realised... that he has just lost his appetite...

(to be continued...)

Monday, August 19, 2002

I received an e-mail asking me to attend a meeting in the MMU (yes, I WAS an unfortunate student of that gawdforsaken place) campus today at 2.30pm. It was sent to me at 12.30pm the same day.

Heard some stories about some crazed maniac who calls itself Britney's concubine. Apparently, it said that it had to repeat a semester because it had to go to the states to dance as a backup dancer for the Lembing (Spears). It also told a different group that it had an accident and that although it had good grades, it could not proceed since it missed the last semester. This could make a good movie! >:)

Cheers! Here's to the good times... and the 'very' good times... :)

Sunday, August 18, 2002

R.A.N.T.I.N.G.S. = Ridiculous Anonymous Numbskull Trying Increasingly to Nullify Gawditssoboring lifeStyle.
B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. = What the name suggest...bullshit...
C.R.A.P. = Crap cRap crAp craP.... crap...

The coffeeshop, an animation produced by a group of four people who calls themselves Facade has just managed to win the Silver Award in the Best International Short Category during the Thai Film Fest! And yesh, it is a 100% Malaysian production!!! (beams with pride)

Friday, August 16, 2002

Rantings of a psychopathic overworked person... namely Kalamari Squidocious

The sun has risen. Well, actually it has been sometime since the sun has risen, since it's late afternoon here and I'm stuck here freezing my b@#!$ off!!! Working has become very hard with hardly anything delivered to me on time, but with the need for me to deliver on time! These past one and a half months of working as a professional has taught me more than I should have learnt in the time given.

I've learnt that... you can be retrenched prior to being hired. I've learnt that you can be hired, prior to being retrenched. I've learnt that you can be given an official title, but given an official task that has no relation whatsoever with your official title. I have learnt that, the level of english at the professional level... is NOT professional. I have learnt that animation is a lucrative source of income... as long as you find a company that knows how much you're worth!

Thursday, August 15, 2002

I have been re-employed!!! The Multipurpose Man LIVES!!!!! Whahahaha!!! I will be back...after lunch! >:)

Monday, August 12, 2002

Duuuu dooooo duuu toooooo tuuuuuuuuu..... <--- (X-Files theme)

Entry log: 13-08-2002
Today started off on a weird semitone. The treble was tuned too high and the bass, too low... therefore, the only audible sound was some weird mumbling equivalent to a bunch of rats chattering in the sewers. But seriously... I was eating berakfast at my usual haunt, the mamak nearby, when suddenly, this man shoved a photostated copy of a newspaper clipping dated 2nd of January 2002, in Chinese. Now, I don't know how to read chinese or even speak it, so naturally I declined but the man persisted and left the clipping on the table. Seeing that I can't avoid the inevitable, I flipped the paper, only to realise that there was an english copy on the other side!!! Will wonders never cease!!! Three cheers to common sense!

Anyway, the clipping was dated 2nd of January 2002, from the Star. It was about a couple who needed money for the husband who's suffering from skin cancer. They even had a picture of the duo, and for a moment, the man who handed me the clipping looked familiar. My suspicions were confirmed shortly, when the woman in the picture approached me and asked for my help. Seeing the couple in the flesh made things very believable all of a sudden. My skepticism sudden wore off and my heart felt a compassion that only manifested itself on very few occasions. Slowly, I opened my mouth and said... "I'm sorry, but I need help. I need a job..." The woman was humble and kind. She nodded and said, "It's okay, brother. At least can you please tell all your friends about this?" And then she walked off. Needless to say, I finished my meal in silence, pondering over the thoughts of the day, stumped...(in more ways than one :p)

So now, I'm calling out to all of you out there who are reading this... This is NOT a junk E-mail chain-letter crap thinghy to help some poor fella with weird bloodtypes or to get rich or get lucky with people! NOPE! I saw those people, and I'm telling you guys it's true... and you can check out the achives of the Star if you can. I guess I did what I promised the woman I'd do... I told the people who are reading this... I just wished there was more I could have done...

Entry Log: Second Entry
Another weird thing happened to me just now. One of my colleagues who didn't get retrenched is leaving. So there is a opening for and my supervisor has asked me to stay. What should I do?

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Woo hoo!!! Template change!!! Special thanks to Aewis of course for helping me clean up my blog! Thanks!!!

Diary of Kalamari Squidocious

The weekend hath ended, and the new weeketh beginneth. Monday is a day of sloweth activities. Everythingeth moves at a crawleth. This typeth of englisheth is stoopideth.

Monday it is and I have nothing better to do right now than to await the arrival of the delayed scripts. Sure, I have some U.N.F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D.W.O.R.K. (refer to previous posts) to do, but my voice-talents seems to be missing. I guess I'll just surf for some job openings and hope for the best!

Bought the new Counting Crows cd yesterday. I must say their songs are still good, but somewhat more mainstream now... I guess I should take a listen to Jimmy Makan Dunia and see how good they are!

Diary of Multipurpose Man

Bah humbug!!! Got trapped in this lousy body the whole weekend without any W.O.R.K. (Wasted hOurs Redoing Kerja) to do!!! Was only let out for two short moments because my lazy other half couldn't finish his W.O.R.K. on time. Imprisoned and tortured with Counting Crows for the remainder of the time. I have to talk to him about his choice of music. Surely nothing beats Elvis!!!

Friday, August 09, 2002

Spent an hour waiting for my CD-RW to format on an external burner. Finally realised [after fifty minutes] that I can quit the formatting, and continue the next day! The Kalamari has been E.N.L.I.G.H.T.E.N.E.D. (Exceptional Nonsensical Liposuction In Gross Human Tissue Elongation aNd Elastication Demonstration). Now sitting out the last one hour of work watching the silly CD-RW burn! Life is bliss...

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Been working late these few days... not getting enough sleep... and bringing more work home... It's time for a vacation... sigh!!! Maybe I'll reward myself with dinner tonight... :D

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Highlights of today (nope, not those colours on your hair): A female driver aggressively overtakes me... only to find herself queuing up at the toll. "Seganas-ganas driver memandu, akhirnya sampai ke tol jugak!"

Secondary highlights: Saw a kapchai motocycle (obviously modified with loud exhaust) along the road. The motorcycle was a disgrace... so was the rider who was slumped over the handle bars... like owner, like vehicle...

And the best highlight of the day: Heard the Water Treatment song on radio! Man, am I proud to be Malaysian!!! (XP)

(continued from before lunch...)

Our stupendous hero, and marvelous multitasking protagonist sat in his chair, awaiting the fate that will be bestowed upon him in a few seconds time. Our unsuspecting hero was quite cheerful, (it isn't everyday the C.E.O. decides to speak to the production team) so good news must be at hand! Or so... he thought! That was when the evil, vile, and terrible E.V.I.L. (Everlasting Viciousness In Life) struck!!! Delivering such a blow, it took our hero the whole weekend to recover from that reeling hit!!! Our unsuspecting and innocent hero was immediately the victim! The hunted! The accursed! The.. no... not that.. (get ready) [drum roll] [more trumpeting] [additional drum roll] [piano and guitar joins in, accompanied by strings and woodwind instruments] (hmmm... becoming an orchestra ...no?)... the J.O.B.L.E.S.S. (Jeopardized Organism Bashed by Life's Everlasting Screwed-up Suffering)!!! Yesh... the vile creature that we speak of is none other than R.E.T.R.E.N.C.H.M.E.N.T. (Reversed Evolution To Re-create Existing Normal Characteristics in Human Management Entitled to Non-disclosed Termination)!!!

Yesh... our mild-mannered hero is now... jobless!!! Is this the end of Multipurpose Man? Can Multipurpose Man survive another episode of The Legendary Chronicles of Multipurpose Man? Will the series be taken off the shelves? Will he make a comeback? Can he save the day??? Find out, sometime soon... on The Legenday Chronicles of Multipurpose Man!!! (if the season continues)

In the mean time... our hero, Kalamari Squidocious scans the recruitment pages for a job...

Monday, August 05, 2002

Darkness beyond light, brightness beyond even more brightness. Circles rounder than circles, and squares squarer than Z.A.M.Z.U.R.I. (IZ Ass-faced Moron ofZ Urchin Republic of Idiocity) Behold, the power of... L.U.N.C.H.( Lavish United Nutritions against Corrupted Hypocrites ) The Muuuuuulltipuuuurpoooose Maaaann.... is... back!!! (trumpets and trombones... wait, I dislike trombones... substitute with French Horns! )

The last week has been a frenzy for our mild-mannered and always polite young hero, Kalamari Squidocious. As Mr. Squidocious works away the days and nights, struggling and sacrificing weekends to meet impossible deadlines, a greater evil loomed before the world. An evil that cannot be described. An evil that soughts to steal all dignity and pride from the world. An evil that eats up the very life with which we build our lives. An evil greater than Sauron (from LOTR), more foul than Archimonde (WarCraft 3), more devious than Jin (ex-roommate), and fatter than Eyeman (former classmate).

As our hero furiously battles the evil renegade A.U.D.I.O F.I.L.E.S. (Adolescent Untamed Detrimental Innocent Offended F@^$ed-up Incapable Lost Energetic Students) the evil creeps up slowly behind him like a shadow in a brightly lit room. And engulfs him at his most vulnerable moment... at the meeting!!! (virtual organ plays mysterious and devastating tune) (preferbly out of tune)

to be continued... (after lunch... hehe XP)

The sun rises in the east. And sets in the west. The waves flow from the sea to the shore. The breeze blows from one end of the earth to the next. The north and south poles are cold and icy. The earth is round. We need oxygen to stay alive. Almost every Chinese has a cycle. -Taken from interesting educational texts-

It is always interesting to note the level of English in our country, especially those involved in the Education sector. Lunch yesterday yielded a whole barrage of abnomalities in the English language. Now, to hunt down the trouble makers of the Malay language.
"Kerana pulut, santan binasa. Kerana mulut, pulut pun habis" -Taken from audio file on the net-

Sunday, August 04, 2002

The Multipurpose Man has finally returned!!! Whahahaha!!! Beware, evil workaholics!!! Cringe in fear, venomous D.E.A.D.L.I.N.E.S. [Devastating Extraordinary Ambigious Date Left tIll Non-Existence]!!! The Multipurpose Man RULES!!! Whahaha!!! Okay, it's lunchtime now... the Chronicles of the Multipurpose Man will be back... after lunch! =D Stay tuned!!! And stay hungry if you must, but not highly recommended!