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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Inspired Experiments

This post is what I call an experiment. Rather, the inspiration for this post was born from a discussion I had recently with a friend on the somewhat mundane topic of 'back-lit' keyboards.

I had casually mentioned to him my intention of upgrading my current laptop keyboard with a back-lit version so that I can blog in the wee hours of the night without the lights on. Yes, see the irony? And I don't even share my room (or my house for that matter) with anyone else.

So as I was sitting at my desk in the middle of the night wondering what I can do to pass the time before my hair dries (I always prefer the natural method) and perhaps feel sleepy enough to partake in the mundane but necessary task of sleeping, I stumbled across this age old blog and remembered that it's purpose is to digitally log my unexciting and sometimes meticulous thoughts in 0's and 1's. Plus I totally forgot to update it last month, something I promised myself to do more of this second half of the year.

Anyway, as I logged on, I wondered what I should be writing about. Then I remembered the conversation I had with my friend, to which he casually and diligently called me a noob for needing to look at my keyboard while typing. "Do you even look at your keyboard when you type?", he asked. "No... I guess not", I answered, somewhat unsure of the answer myself. "So why do you need a back-lit keyboard?" came the curt retort.

And so, I flipped the light switch as I logged on to the blog and have been happily typing in the dark for the past fifteen minutes. Without looking at my keyboard. Much.

Point taken. I will now spend my couple hundred ringgit on other necessities such as toothpaste and cheap beer. Or maybe even donate it to a charity of my choice.

Decisions, decisions.


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