Random Solitary Thoughts

Friday, December 07, 2007

Advocating Change: Part 2

A couple of months ago (or maybe more) I wrote a post on change, and how it happens everyday and everywhere and to everyone including yourself. And I've noticed that lately my posts have all been about change and constantly changing and keeping that change alive.

It's funny in a weird sort of way as I was always one who is shy of change. But now it seems change has taken over my life, or rather; my life is now ever-changing. It is rather refreshing to say the least, for change is what made my life a whole lot more interesting than it was before.

And meaningful.

However I notice that a lot of people find it extremely hard to accept the changes that has sculpted my life thus far. Everywhere I turn, the people I know who are close to me all gave me quizzical looks as if I had gone utterly mad! Many even offered advice which however safe and practical it may seem, will only continue to cripple my personal growth. Perhaps 'cripple' is too harsh a word. I should say, continue to direct me towards a more secure and mundane path.

But I wasn't made for the boring statistical sedimentary life.

I was made to soar.

So why stay on the ground? You can fly too. And you can take those unbelievers with you.