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Thursday, June 07, 2001

Whahaha! And I'm finally online from my pathetic little internet connection at the campus. Thanks to the fact that one of my roomies [this incidently happens to be his computer btw] is not around ot hog it, I get to share it with my other roommate, who currently reading a horror story after killing tons of people in Counter Strike. I wonder when this CS fever will end.
Anyway, news from the frontier. I've finally discovered how to set up a permanent link, and guess what? It's a freaking HTML code!!! Shucks... maybe I'll just put my links on every post or something... I know, I know.. gonna be stoopid and tiring, but I guess it's the only way for illiterate computer and internet users like me...[ sulking in the corner like the incredible sulk...bluergh...:P] Okay, enough of this crap... I'm gonna start posting links on this site. Anyone who has a blogger and wants me to add a link please e-mail me at tersaw39@yahoo.com [and NO! This is NOT a link...:P].
Alright, here goes.... [only one link for this moment... shucks... but hey, it's a start right?]

First and only link... The EmptyBox's Site.
Until next time... keep the bloggers coming!


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