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Thursday, June 28, 2001

Shucks... been doing my infamous disappearing act for the past few days... but just a quick note to keep things in check. First off, personals... Kotak, I'll buy you a box of tissues when I see you! You'll probably need them! Booya, NO!!! You may NOT drive me around... so don't even bother thinking about it...as for the lessons, I'm happy to hear that you're getting professional help...:)) The rest of the bloggers... I dunno what to say!
Okay, on to the crap... Been having a rough week so far... will probably be sailing in this weekend... weather seems okay this weekend, and the storm seemed to have passed. Showers expected on Monday, but then again, everything bad happens on a Monday...sheesh..:P Sunny days on Saturday and Sunday [I hope] and if my weather report isn't accurate, don't blame me! I'm not certified for this after all...bluergh...:P
Right, so I have to go now! [Yeah right, like who cares?:P] Maybe I'll blog a bit more after a couple of sad movies...:P Keep on Rollin!


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