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Saturday, November 24, 2001

Watched Harry Potter last night. Sat next to an idiot who just can't keep his mouth shut!!! The bugger was just droning on and on about the plot and the story before they even took place in the movie. More like having a discussion with his friend [who had unfortunately read the book...] and being the clueless $%#$^^ that he is... he just couldn't stop asking STOOPID questions which inevitably SPOILT the movie! That wouldn't have been a problem actually... if his freaking voice wasn't so damn loud!!!! This lasted throughout the whole two and a half hours and what made it worse, was that I couldn't stop coughing! I hate coughs!!!

Anyway, I learnt a valuable lesson that day... and that is... never hold back from punching the idiot next to you [to shut him up of course]!!! But considering the circumstances [with the idiot sitting like an idiot with his legs up on the seat] the movie still enjoyable and fun! Worth a watch!!! Go watch it!!! Avoid sitting next to idiots if you can!!! If you can't, change seats or kick him in the balls. In an event where the idiot is female, threaten to shave off her eyebrows with a blunt kitchen cleaver if she doesn't shut up!!! Other than that, enjoy the show!!! =D I know I did...;D


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