Random Solitary Thoughts

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

The network is lagging again. Which is why I haven't been constantly updating this space! Watched Princess Mononoke last night... made me think... now I REALLY wanna be an animator...:D My mind is still a mess... just realized that I have only about a week left to finish my third report for Special Research Interest!!! Shucks... I hate it when I start hitting the panic button. Still have final presentation for my Design Dissitation. Know why it's called Dissitation? Coz it literally DISSES you off!!! XP Which basically leaves me busy until Tuesday [after design dissitation presentation], which also gives me less than a week to finish off my whole report 3... life is peachy... but I will survive!!! Now... I shall go slink off in some corner and wait for the world to end... sigh... only a few more months... a few more months...


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