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Friday, November 30, 2001

Spent most of the day SLEEPING!!! Ate like nobody's business... read and slacked around all my waking time... I should go home more often... As for the Harry Potter test, I ended up being Harry Potter from Gryffindor. Why are there so many Harry Potter's around anyway? Starting reading the first book of Harry Potter this afternoon. Cd-rom drive is busted on comp... can't watch VCD's. Can't listen to the CD's I brought back. Sigh... well... there's always a downside to every vacation... it's the splendour of it that we have to savour.

To Booya, chill out!!! Heard you bought a PS2!!! Everyone seems to have a PS2!!! where's my PS2!!?!!

To Emptybox, I miss ya!!! All the food in Penang won't compensate for your CD discount card!!! Oops... did I just say that?...XP

To Eisu [if you read my blog... XP], yesh.. you are weird... but then again... who isn't?

To the rest... Limp Bizkit won some award for best album!!! Keep on ROLLIN!!!


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