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Sunday, November 18, 2001

Hmmm.... just read Booya's blog. I must say that it got me thinking. Though it's true what he says, I can't help but think about the times when people actually do put you down... real bad... but that only makes you work harder. Of course, that also tends to discourage one from working harder... or working at all. Queer... I know. And I agree, that if the crowd supports you, you do better. The weird thing is, some people let's it go to their heads. And the end result is an individual who just can't improve. It all bears down to whether you are a fighter, or not-so-much-of-a-fighter... This reminds me of the way my master used to teach us.

He would beat the crap out of all of us, train us like dogs, push us to our limits, and drag us all the way to the bottom. So much so, we had nothing to lose, and the only thing we fight for, is for respect. But he made sure, in the event of a performance, or demonstration, should anyone screw up, he would be there for support. It is only when someone has gotten over his head in ego does my master actually put his foot down... hard... No doubt he punishes us for mistakes... but always away from others... and most of the time, we do it voluntarily. In other words, we had a traditional master. We learned to take responsibility for our own mistakes... he taught us that when we were stripped of our dignity and our self respect. But we learned well, and that has made us into the bastards and bitches that we are now. Hardcore, disciplined individuals without souls. The epitome of what the youth movement of today lacks!!! Yup, he trained us hard, but he trained us well... he taught us life, and how to deal with it. He may be sometimes wrong, but no one is perfect, and the end result, is whether we are willing to live the life he showed us. We expereinced hardship, and we became thankful for the luxuries of life. Sure, there are those who quit... complaining that it was too tough... but I guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion... and in the end, it's up to the individual to be who he or she wants to be.

The weird thing is. I have often wished that my master wouldn't be so hard on us. I wished that he would kindly explain our mistakes to us. To compliment us and give us support whenever we did something right. I wish he didn't have to put us down everytime we achieved something and was proud of it. He taught us to be humble. He taught us to be tough. He taught us that nothing is perfect, and that we are never the best. That others are always better. That we have to either join in the race, or go with the flow. But now that I think about it, I wouldn't have it any other way... It has become our philosophy for life.

Nowadays, as I sit by and watch other train. Their masters telling them how to do this and that, being strict but not hard... being helpful but not tactful. And I think... how lucky these people are... for they need not go through the crap that I've been through. But I'm thankful, to my master, for I know... that whenever I'm down... I can always find the strength to climb back up. He taught us that. And I am grateful for it. Which brings another thought. Is it me... or have these recent peaceful years softened the new generation? I do not know... but I can be sure that I'm a traditional person, and I shall ensure that my children [if I'm gonna have any...XP] will be brought up the same way I was... many years ago... shucks... I love my heritage... *sniff* *sniff* [emotional outbursts...] But of course... I'm not always right...

On a lighter and less philosophical note... I went to watch Joyride today. Typical thriller. Some interesting camera shots, and lighting. But other than that, zilch! Don't watch it if you're sick of cheap thrills and hollywood movies. Watch it if you wanna scare or disgust your girlfriend or if you are just looking for cheap thrills. Nothing much to say here... one of the more logical beginnings to thrillers that I've seen which turned out to be as illogical as the rest in the end... sheesh... [okay, that sentence didn't make much sense now did it?] Had a fun day... nuff said...


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