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Monday, November 05, 2001

Just got back from a photoshoot. With reference to Booya's blog, yes, it was the same group I am talking about. This time, they needed someone 'fair', so that a drawn tatoo would look cool against the 'fair' skin. Thanks a lot people! Now the whole world knows I have fair skin...XP.

Anyway, the shooting lasted about three hours, with the tatoo drawing and all. It was a cool experience, and I enjoyed posing in all sorts of unprovocative positions. The best part was seeing the tatoo for myself! It actually looked cool! Too bad, the temporary permanent markers will soon wear off the cool dragon I have on my back in a few days time. But until then, I shall walk around half naked! XP Nah... maybe not... Got back tired and hungry, but all the more reason for me to relax for the rest of the night! I am now tired. Maybe I should take a nice cool shower and see if the 'tatoo' would wear off! Hope it stays for sometime...

On a lighter note, I wonder what's up with people finding their old diaries these days. In fact, I did come across an old journal I used to write in back when I first entered the uni. Looking through it actually made me laugh when I see the enthusiasm I had in my younger days. Now, I just seem to find everything a torturous task to do! Maybe it's just the environment here... Anyway, I think I shall start writing down my adventures during the final semester. Since I started and stopped after the first sem, it's only fair that I conclude the journal with my last. It might be interesting to see how much I've changed, or haven't... in some ways...


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