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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Just woke up! Wish I hadn't but I did! Just read a few blogs today... shucks... Seems like everyone's depressed or something.

I have to admit. I was kinda down last night. And to think that it started off with a simple custom msg, asking for people who reads my blogs to msg me. No one did. It just came crashing down that no one even reads my blogs! So what the heck am I writing this for? Ended up being so depressed that I sent out a mass message to everyone saying sorry for the things that I've done. More of a guilt trip if you ask me. Well, to those who read Booya's blog, yesh, he was talking bout me! This morning, I woke up and saw a couple of messages on my comp. Apparently, some people actually do care! I feel so touched! And then I realised, that most of my friends did in fact receive my message and read my blogs. They just don't bother messaging, that's all. But doesn't mean they don't care either. In a way, I realized that they were like me. Aware of things that happen, but not saying much about them. A nice thought. I am no longer depressed.

To those who messaged me last night and this morning, thanks! You guys really made my day!!! And to those who reads my blogs and don't say a word, thanks! And let's keep it at that!


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