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Monday, November 12, 2001

I vaguely remember wanting to write something interesting that happened today down on this blog, but due to the unforseen circumstances of LOS [Lack Of Sleep], and UID [Unwanted Irritable Deadlines], I seemed to have forgotten what was it that made me wanna write. Ah.. well... not much help speculating there.

Took a trip downtown to return some library books. Stayed at the national library for about less than five minutes to return the books. Spent an hour and a half going downtown and another hour or so getting back. Peachy isn't it? And now, all of a sudden, I remembered what it was I wanted to write about originally. During the journey back to PJ, I encountered a convoy of police vehicles excorting the Sultan back to his residence. Without haste, I tailed the convoy as they cleared the way for the Royal car and my dirty little red proton wira as well. I was part of a Royal convoy for five minutes. After that, the convoy turned into the Royal residence and I humbly went on my way back to PJ. What a sad end to events... shucks...

The day has been eventful. I slept at 8.30 this morning after a whole night of writing reports and watching animations. Woke up at 11.30 to the sound of my handphone reminder, kindly set by my friend to remind me to shave. I didn't... XP Rolled about until 12 before officially getting up. And spent the whole day trying to return three library books which I thought were long overdue. They weren't. Followed a Royal convoy for five minutes as they cleared the road for the Royal car. The road wasn't jammed to begin with... Arrived back at campus geared for work that should have been done earlier. Found out that no one did anything as well... Had dinner at a place nearby. Expected quick service. Waited from 7.30pm till 8 or so before food arrived. Did some grocery shopping afterwards. Found nothing worth buying for groceries. 9.00pm. Came back to campus from dinner. Visited loo. Must be the food... 9.15pm, started sketching and writing blog. Still can't log onto Yahoo messenger... Life is good... I am so content...


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