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Monday, August 05, 2002

Darkness beyond light, brightness beyond even more brightness. Circles rounder than circles, and squares squarer than Z.A.M.Z.U.R.I. (IZ Ass-faced Moron ofZ Urchin Republic of Idiocity) Behold, the power of... L.U.N.C.H.( Lavish United Nutritions against Corrupted Hypocrites ) The Muuuuuulltipuuuurpoooose Maaaann.... is... back!!! (trumpets and trombones... wait, I dislike trombones... substitute with French Horns! )

The last week has been a frenzy for our mild-mannered and always polite young hero, Kalamari Squidocious. As Mr. Squidocious works away the days and nights, struggling and sacrificing weekends to meet impossible deadlines, a greater evil loomed before the world. An evil that cannot be described. An evil that soughts to steal all dignity and pride from the world. An evil that eats up the very life with which we build our lives. An evil greater than Sauron (from LOTR), more foul than Archimonde (WarCraft 3), more devious than Jin (ex-roommate), and fatter than Eyeman (former classmate).

As our hero furiously battles the evil renegade A.U.D.I.O F.I.L.E.S. (Adolescent Untamed Detrimental Innocent Offended F@^$ed-up Incapable Lost Energetic Students) the evil creeps up slowly behind him like a shadow in a brightly lit room. And engulfs him at his most vulnerable moment... at the meeting!!! (virtual organ plays mysterious and devastating tune) (preferbly out of tune)

to be continued... (after lunch... hehe XP)


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