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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Weird dream dated last Saturday...

Had a weird resident evil-like dream when I slept for 3 and a half hours straight on a saturday afternoon thanks to a whole week of working two jobs. I remember clearly that a friend had asked me to help in some way. What was the job description, I could not remember... neither could I remember what was my occupation in the dream...

I stepped into the school grounds, (a high school to be exact) only to be greeted by students rushing out in a torrent of panic. Then I saw a familiar face... my friend's mother (why, I do NOT know!!!) She proceeded to ask me to help solve the mystery involving some students who were slowly becoming demons... (WHAT??? I know this sounds absurd, but it seemed logical in the dream...) It was then that I realized that I was a private investigator.

Anyway, I had to push my way across all the panicking students, (unfortunately, it was an all boys school... no girls... shucks...and no.. I have yet to determine which school it is.. but I remember it had a giant playround nearby with rusty slides and bars... such was the detail of my dream) I soon came across a group of students whom everyone seemed to avoid and I soon saw why.

They were half mutated, each looking like a grotesque abomination with demon limbs and parts. One boy had a blue face and a fin on his head (something like the savage dragon) with one side of his head covered in blue, fin-like hair while the other showed his human bald head. My friends mother who was a teacher there, showed them to me and told me that they began to change somewhat bit by bit till who knows... they become demons!!! The poor kid had only one small part of his human body left with him which was the side of his head. And right in front of me, blue, fin-like hair began to cover the last bit of humanity left in him, turning him into a outcast of society, a demon.

I began to gather them bit by bit but I didn't know what to do, not that anyone would know... would you? What surprised me most was that they new of their plight and were saddened, but other than appearances, they remain human inside. I only remember that something prompted me to climb one of the bars leading up to the slide in the giant, rusty playground, and that I stayed there till all was dark and the sun had set.

I don't remember much of what I did up there, but I remembered that a group of the 'demon' students were sitting on some bars a ways away from me, and they commented that they liked my singing. Now, I know my singing sucks, but it seems to me that my voice had some sort of healing qualities applicable only to demons. And they liked it. They said it made them feel human again. And so I sang... and we sat there looking at the last bit of sunshine... singing songs of yesteryears...

Note to myself: Do NOT sleep on saturday afternoons!!!


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