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Friday, August 16, 2002

Rantings of a psychopathic overworked person... namely Kalamari Squidocious

The sun has risen. Well, actually it has been sometime since the sun has risen, since it's late afternoon here and I'm stuck here freezing my b@#!$ off!!! Working has become very hard with hardly anything delivered to me on time, but with the need for me to deliver on time! These past one and a half months of working as a professional has taught me more than I should have learnt in the time given.

I've learnt that... you can be retrenched prior to being hired. I've learnt that you can be hired, prior to being retrenched. I've learnt that you can be given an official title, but given an official task that has no relation whatsoever with your official title. I have learnt that, the level of english at the professional level... is NOT professional. I have learnt that animation is a lucrative source of income... as long as you find a company that knows how much you're worth!


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