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Monday, August 12, 2002

Duuuu dooooo duuu toooooo tuuuuuuuuu..... <--- (X-Files theme)

Entry log: 13-08-2002
Today started off on a weird semitone. The treble was tuned too high and the bass, too low... therefore, the only audible sound was some weird mumbling equivalent to a bunch of rats chattering in the sewers. But seriously... I was eating berakfast at my usual haunt, the mamak nearby, when suddenly, this man shoved a photostated copy of a newspaper clipping dated 2nd of January 2002, in Chinese. Now, I don't know how to read chinese or even speak it, so naturally I declined but the man persisted and left the clipping on the table. Seeing that I can't avoid the inevitable, I flipped the paper, only to realise that there was an english copy on the other side!!! Will wonders never cease!!! Three cheers to common sense!

Anyway, the clipping was dated 2nd of January 2002, from the Star. It was about a couple who needed money for the husband who's suffering from skin cancer. They even had a picture of the duo, and for a moment, the man who handed me the clipping looked familiar. My suspicions were confirmed shortly, when the woman in the picture approached me and asked for my help. Seeing the couple in the flesh made things very believable all of a sudden. My skepticism sudden wore off and my heart felt a compassion that only manifested itself on very few occasions. Slowly, I opened my mouth and said... "I'm sorry, but I need help. I need a job..." The woman was humble and kind. She nodded and said, "It's okay, brother. At least can you please tell all your friends about this?" And then she walked off. Needless to say, I finished my meal in silence, pondering over the thoughts of the day, stumped...(in more ways than one :p)

So now, I'm calling out to all of you out there who are reading this... This is NOT a junk E-mail chain-letter crap thinghy to help some poor fella with weird bloodtypes or to get rich or get lucky with people! NOPE! I saw those people, and I'm telling you guys it's true... and you can check out the achives of the Star if you can. I guess I did what I promised the woman I'd do... I told the people who are reading this... I just wished there was more I could have done...

Entry Log: Second Entry
Another weird thing happened to me just now. One of my colleagues who didn't get retrenched is leaving. So there is a opening for and my supervisor has asked me to stay. What should I do?


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