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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

(continued from before lunch...)

Our stupendous hero, and marvelous multitasking protagonist sat in his chair, awaiting the fate that will be bestowed upon him in a few seconds time. Our unsuspecting hero was quite cheerful, (it isn't everyday the C.E.O. decides to speak to the production team) so good news must be at hand! Or so... he thought! That was when the evil, vile, and terrible E.V.I.L. (Everlasting Viciousness In Life) struck!!! Delivering such a blow, it took our hero the whole weekend to recover from that reeling hit!!! Our unsuspecting and innocent hero was immediately the victim! The hunted! The accursed! The.. no... not that.. (get ready) [drum roll] [more trumpeting] [additional drum roll] [piano and guitar joins in, accompanied by strings and woodwind instruments] (hmmm... becoming an orchestra ...no?)... the J.O.B.L.E.S.S. (Jeopardized Organism Bashed by Life's Everlasting Screwed-up Suffering)!!! Yesh... the vile creature that we speak of is none other than R.E.T.R.E.N.C.H.M.E.N.T. (Reversed Evolution To Re-create Existing Normal Characteristics in Human Management Entitled to Non-disclosed Termination)!!!

Yesh... our mild-mannered hero is now... jobless!!! Is this the end of Multipurpose Man? Can Multipurpose Man survive another episode of The Legendary Chronicles of Multipurpose Man? Will the series be taken off the shelves? Will he make a comeback? Can he save the day??? Find out, sometime soon... on The Legenday Chronicles of Multipurpose Man!!! (if the season continues)

In the mean time... our hero, Kalamari Squidocious scans the recruitment pages for a job...


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