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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

These past few weeks have taught me a lot! I have learned that, that which you hold in your hands, unlike m&m's will melt in your hands and slip away. Not that m&m's do not melt in hands, they do if you hold them long enough.

I have learned that the world operates on a different level than that which we grew up to believe in. Some of us are still growing up. Some of us chose not to. Some are not sure if they should. Even if we were to stay in this make-believe world where we grew up as a child, we can't be ignorant of the fact that we do grow older. The least we can do is live as our age, if we choose to not grow up.

I have learned that things lost are things gained, and sometimes it's better to let those m&m's melt away in our hands, than to put them into our mouth. I have learned that anger without purpose, are tantrums. Anger used to fuel your dreams is motivation.

I have learned, that by not sweaing, you tend to become less violent. I have learnt that mellowness comes with maturity, not age. I have learnt that critism is not always welcomed among the open-minded, and that those who are sensitive do miss out a lot of details. I have learnt that no one is perfect, and that no one will ever be.

But most of all, I have learnt that, boys will be boys. Do not ever expect them to produce good housework (or any for that matter). For unlike popular belief's, THAT is what seperate the boys from the men!

P.S. I know people are going to feel hurt when they read this, some might not even get it, but it is after all an online blog, freedom of speech, blah blah (read some other blogs with similar rantings) and I do not feel obliged to censor this particular post. Thank you! Critism is welcomed! ;)


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