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Sunday, December 01, 2002

As I've said in my earlier post, I was caught up with work and have no time to update this space. This is just part of it actually.

I've actually been starving myself recently, as I've run out of funds following a RM100 fine on illegal parking in a park! Which, (the park) was actually about 50 metres away, and I was ACTUALLY parked in front of a house! Maybe they should stop hiring blind folk as MPPJ officers.

Aside from the starving two weeks, I've now recovered with last month's salary, which came on time. Glory be! And to counter any future threats of impending doom via hunger, I have drawn myself a meal schedule, stating what I should eat to satisfy my hunger and keep costs low. Therefore, the result is a homemade lunch and a cheap dinner in the neighbouring area. No more instant noodles, not too fond of them!

Part of my lunch making regime was making sandwiches. The other was a liquid diet of water or soya bean milk. After surviving one and a half weeks on peanuts butter sandwiches for lunch, I decided to get even and make some egg sandwiches. Now those of you who've had experience making your own sandwiches would know that you have to boil the eggs first before mashing them up and spreading them all over the bread with mayo or something similar.

This seemed simple enough, so I busied myself boiling the water and putting the eggs into a container (one of those half-boiled egg making thingies). Now everyone knows that once the water is drained, the eggs should be half-boiled. So to get a hard-boiled egg, you let it drain twice, right? I decided to do it three times... just in case... and did it work? NO!

I craked the first egg to find it 3/4 boiled. I had three more eggs left, so I decided to re-boil them to make sure they become hard. This time, I decided to place them in a non-drainable container. Meanwhile, I enjoyed a 3/4 boiled egg. After a round of boiling, I stilll wasn't ready to take chances, so I boiled them again. You could say I was being cautious, and did it pay off? NO!

I cracked the first egg to find it 4/5 boiled. What the... ?!?!?!? Deciding that it was getting late and that I was gettign sleepy, I proceeded in breaking the rest of them. Peeling the shells out was tedious as they weren't hard enough to peel easily, but not soft enough for the egg to slip out! URGH! The result, was a very lumpy egg filling for my sandwiches, which I had dutifully skipped because the uncle had nasi lemak today. Will eat lumpy egg sandwiches for dinner.

The lesson, eggs have to be boiled the tradional way, with a pot and boiling water with fire underneath. Now when are they going to install the gas for the kitchen?


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