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Sunday, December 29, 2002

There, I have revamped a bit on my blog layout. I will probably be revamping the whole look sometime next year, when I have too much time to spare. Right now, I've got a few backlogged projects due before the end of the year. One of which, is the story of the Thing, which is yet to be completed. Rest assured, my target is to finish it by tomorrow night, so I will be working on it tonight and tomorrow morning. A link will be made to a page which I plan to construct for the sole purpose of hosting the long long story as I realise that it's tedious to read it all from my blog.

Now, onwards to the good news! I have only half a day's work tomorrow, in anticipation of the new year! Bad news, I'll have to work extra hard to get rid of my work for tomorrow so that I can enjoy new year's day lazing around! :D

Talking about new year's day, I have drawn out my resolution for the coming year, which I shall not repeat again as I've mentioned it before in a previous post. To sum it all up, I've basically decided to mellow down and leave the path of anger and violence to embrace one of peace and tranquility. Hence, from the 1st of January 2003, I shall promote the 'happy' Pokemon card game to all who are unfortunate enough to cross my path! No longer will I threaten to beat up people for pissing me off, (for I do not intend to get pissed easily) rather, I would resort to a calmer threat of letting the air out of their vehicles tyres. I shall not speak my mind too much, nor speak too much in words, for silence is golden, and ignorance is bliss. Shucks, there I go recapping my new year's resolution again... sigh... it's a vicious cycle...

So anyway, in case I can not find the time to blog tomorrow, Happy New Years Day!!! And may you all be well and happy! I know I will... ;)


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