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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Back to work after a long four-day weekend which was long awaited and greatly appreciated. The four days was spent recuperating from a bout of illness the week before. Now it's time to work.

I have updated the Fellowship of the Thing below and will continue with the rest of it soon.

Things that happened over the weekend:-
1) Spent some savings buying a present for someone for no particular reason.
2) Got myself a new phone line (registered, so I won't be barred unless I don't pay my bills on time)
3) Got myself a mosquito repellent thinghy (the one you place the mat on) so that I don't have to scratch myself to sleep.
4) Slept and ate.
5) Played Diablo 2 for the heck of trying out new strategies and characters.
6) Cursed computer for crashing in the middle of crucial moments of levelling.
7) Attended a job interview.
8) Was offered a job.
9) Contemplating possible career advancements plus increments, perks, job stability, and long-distance driving.

Yes, it was a good weekend! Cheers to the next one! ;)

P.S. Changed my number, will be e-mailing it to those who leave their e-mails in my comment box. The rest will have to wait until I manually copy the numbers to my phone.


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